One liner- Independence

“If we don’t have the liberty to choose, the freedom to be and the independence to live as we want, the meaning of life would change for us from free people to captives”


Today our nation is celebrating Pakistan Day.

In response to Linda’s One Liner Wednesday



62 thoughts on “One liner- Independence

  1. Happy Pakistan Day, Sadje!! Loved the quote, the thought and the message, However, it brings up a lot of questions and issues. The message is really great in the abstract but requires limits that make people unhappy and crazy – “the freedom to be and the independence to live as we want,” The problem with a literal adherence to this as dogma pits people against each other – as can be seen in the US on the masking issue. There are many, many issues that require the limiting of the individual for the greater good of the the many (community in general). It’s a sticky issue. I don’t believe anyone/parent has a right to send their child to school without wearing a mask against a contagious disease spreading to my child or yours. There isn’t really too much individual freedom in lifeboat full of other people seeking to survive and someone feels they have a right to “rock the boat”.. Sorry, didn’t mean to go “on and on and on”. I play chess and always find myself looking at things from all sides. LOL
    Have a Great Day, My Dear!!! 😊💕🌹

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    1. You’re very right Chuck that there are certain things that we shouldn’t be doing just because we want to. The safety of everyone is very important too! Thanks for sharing


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