On wings



Leave the ground

Follow your ambitions

On wings of dreams

High and higher still

Sky is the limit


Written for Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Soaring – March 22, 2022



72 thoughts on “On wings

          1. Lol 😂 most days I am. Off to work after two days out. My co-worker sadly decided it was good to come to work terribly ill last week when we share a work area. I am trying hard to let this one go, I just don’t get why people are so selfish. Trying to get in a better attitude before I see her. Smile, and know I can’t change it. Blessings 🥰

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  1. To those in space… beyond the sky is limitless.
    I was just reading that a particular astronaunt … ah, here; “Extended stay: In 2016, astronaut Scott Kelly set a new NASA record for longest time in space, spending 340 consecutive days aboard the ISS so that NASA could study his health and compare it to that of his Earth-bound twin brother (retired NASA astronaut Mark Kelly).”

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