Play it safe?

This week Dr. Tanya has asked our opinion about this quote;

See no evil, hear no evil , speak no evil.


Does evil exists in blogosphere?

Of course, we all have encountered spammers, trolls, and overly opinionated people who insist that only their point of view is the right one.

Neither in real life nor in blogging, I believe, in ignoring the presence of evil. As a blogger, I address the social issues I see around me. I feel it’s my prerogative to write what I deem right. If anything is bothering me, I write about it and highlight the issue.

There will be people who don’t agree with me. They may at times make their opinions known to me in comments. I usually defend my point of view politely but firmly.

Recently some people disagreed with me on the principle of vaccinations for all. They argued that these vaccines are ‘harmful’ for humans. I know that these vaccines are helping us beat Covid and hence the difference of opinions.

The best way to put your opinion across in your posts is to state it in non-offensive terms, politely and without targeting anyone. It’s okay to disagree with a school of thought, customs or attitude but don’t be specific in addressing any one group of people. The point here is to be inclusive and not exclude others. There are ways to state one’s opinion without being offensive.

Another important thing to remember is not to criticize anyone’s religious beliefs or their political opinions. This can hurt people which is not what most bloggers want to do.

I’ve been guilty of criticizing Trump for his actions when he was the POTUS. But there wasn’t any backlash from it. Perhaps it wasn’t the right thing to do?


Thank you Dr.Tanya for keeping this conversation going.

Written for Blogging Insights-New Format #35 – See no evil, hosted by Tanya



63 thoughts on “Play it safe?

  1. I think it’s fine to state our opinions on our own blogs. People can unfollow us if we upset them. What is not fine (imo) is to pick fights on touchy topics in other people’s comments. If they are offensive, unfollow them!

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  2. I feel that I have the right to say what I want on my blog. I can be disgusted with tRump and his destructive ways. I can and do state that vaccinations are what will save many lives. I stand with Ukraine and feel bad for those impacted by war. I would not say these things if I believed I was speaking evil.

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  3. Lovely post.
    I believe in “agree to disagree.”
    I feel I can say what I want to say with respect and empathy and without compromising my beliefs and principles. Because it is equally important to consider “not just what I say but how I say it” when expressing my thoughts.

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  4. Respect is key. There will always be differences of opinion on some topics, and that’s okay. But there must be the understanding that when discussions take place respect is expected.

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  5. This is probably the wrong thing to say…but I kind of wonder about the people who Didn’t criticize Trump. He was so mean-spirited that even if he said or did something positive, it pretty much got lost in the chaos.

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  6. Thank you for highlighting the ways in which criticism should be constructed.
    I personally feel that most individuals who leave nasty or offensive comments do so because they feel like customers , almost like they are doing you a favour , so they can never be wrong and you have to endure anything they have to say regardless of how it phrased and also expect that they should be treated and responded back to in a nice and warm manner.

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    1. You’re welcome! Yes, some people do have that attitude. Best to ignore them or if they are too abrasive, block them. I’ve done that on a few, rare occasions


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