Make it last

Splatter of colors

Stain their faces and clothes too

Some are happy others confused

Life throws a curveball not all can handle

The young ones are instinctively happy

Trying to find pleasure and joy in life

We should try to make their innocence

And happiness last as long as it can

Protect this naivety and purity at all costs

Written for RXC Prompt #222, hosted by Reena



58 thoughts on “Make it last

  1. Today I saw kids enjoy a rain dance. The eagerness to drench themselves in colors and water displays pure innocence. Not a care about skin or health problems… What you say really touches the heart.

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  2. I agree, it should be protected. There’s nothing sadder to me than meeting a child or adult who’s lost that youthful joy. I’m extremely grateful that the joy I didn’t have when I was young, is now flourishing!

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