Aren’t we all nosey?

This week the Wednesday Challenge from partner Susan and GC is NOSEY PARKERS.

“Never waste time and energy, trying to figure out why some people stick their noses up other people’s business because you just might end up like them in the process!” – Jummai Abdullahi


What, where and how?

Don’t we all want to know

Who did what or who said what to whom

Questions that swirl through our brains

The answers to which aren’t important to us

Just to satisfy our undue curiosity they crop up

Admit it, my dear, we all are nosey parkers to some degree or other

Poking our noses into things which are no concern of ours!


Written for;Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Nosey Parkers



45 thoughts on “Aren’t we all nosey?

  1. I like to to “know” but don’t always “ask for the know” rather I speculate. Particularly from “viewing” (both looking and listening)

    Example: one if my neighbors has a very, very bad cough. I wish he’d go get medical attention but I don’t think I should knock on his door and suggest. Rather I hope it gets better, it’s been quite a few years though.

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