Free pies

I’m pretty good at making apple pie. Whereas, a very good friend of mine excels at everything else. So it became a matter of pride for her to learn to make a perfect apple pie.

She asked for the recipe, but it didn’t turn out to be like mine. She then asked me to make it in front of her so that she can learn by watching.

But nothing comes for free. So I asked her to make her yummy pizzas in return for the apple pie demonstration lesson.

We both enjoyed a wonderful lunch that afternoon, eating pies!


Word count; 99

Carrot Ranch prompt;March 14, 2022, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about free pie. What kind of pie and freedom? Who is involved with pies? How is it free? Go where the prompt leads!

Written for Carrot ranch’s 99 word story, hosted by Charli Mills



76 thoughts on “Free pies

  1. Sharing always works! Sometimes our (my) recipes are just guidlelines… and what I make doesn’t always turn out the same from one recipe to another. Like my Salsa. But I think with baking there is less ‘wiggle’ room 😉

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      1. I have a bunch of cook books. I found a Julia Child’s cook book at a Little Free Library – though I haven’t tried any recipes from it yet! 🙂

        You’ve a treasure with your Mom’s Cook Book. 😀

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