Mysterious crown

I think that the queen of the United Kingdom has a tough job. Wearing a crown for the last 70 odd years, being on public display for the entire time.

My story is however not about her.

It’s about this plastic replica which was once left in a public place for the visiting children to play with. Kids like to daydream just like adults, indeed, even more so.

This crown became a bone of contention between two siblings. The boy thought that being elder brother, it was more fitting that he should be the king. While the younger, and more clever sister thought that it was a queens crown and she should be wearing it.

The dispute was escalating when the girl, Terry thought of a clever ruse. She said that if Johnathan would let her wear the crown, she would share all her bounty with him.

He acceded and Terry plonked the crown on her head but something unexpected happened. She disappeared in a puff of smoke. The crown fell to the ground with a loud clatter. Johnathan got scared and ran for his mum.

They are still looking for Terry. As for the crown, it also disappeared and no one knows from where it came and where it went.

Crown – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a golden crown adorned with jewels and pearls. Behind this are windows with views across the countryside.

Written for WritePhoto # Crown, hosted by KL Caley



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