Spring weather means hay fever!!!!

Who doesn’t love spring?

I think we all do, but those who suffer from hay fever, pollen allergies are not very keen on this season.

When I was younger, I used to be plagued with constant fits of sneezing, watery eyes and runny nose as soon as the month of March started. I used to take anti-allergy medication but in those days they used to make me very sleepy, the non-drowsy meds were many years in the future. So the medication was reserved for severe attacks. The rest of the time I suffered with sneezing my head off.

It’s only since last 20- 15 years that the severity of symptoms have abated. And I take anti allergy almost throughout the year. Now I can smell the roses, and enjoy spring season without the sympathy inducing symptoms of hey fever.

Written for RFP # 10- Spring , hosted by Paula



68 thoughts on “Spring weather means hay fever!!!!

  1. Like you my allergies have years of plenty sneezing and some years nothing. I am not a fan of allergy meds therefore, I just drink herbal teas to clear my air passages. And, bear with it. Great share. Thank you Sadje.

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  2. Spring is sure such a highly welcomed season, especially in the four-seasoned areas of the world such as where you are. I’ve read lots of stories and poems in books and here on WordPress heaping praises on it. And I’m glad you overcame the challenges of allergy and are now much able to enjoy the occasions, the fragrance of roses and the smell of sweet earth as people begin digging and gardening.

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  3. Touchwood I have never had that problem. My sister and partner are rather sad victims. A little dust, microfibres when you shake the coats and sheets, they go into a sneezing fit and I have seen them go drowsy with the anti allergy pills! (And as I write this I am sneezing, have I jinxed myself) 😀

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  4. It is good to live in an area where you have some wind or breeze. We lived in a central state for many years and it was horrid because all the allergins were blown in, but not enough winds to blow them out. While we are not really near an ocean we are only a few states away and get some of those wind currents. My hubby had to take med for hayfever, but now not so much. It is good to be able to be out when things are growning 🙂

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  5. I remember growing up as a kid having to sweep the grass clippings off of the sidewalk after my Dad mowed the lawn, I would come in red eyes and runny nose, sneezing like crazy. I now take medication that keeps many of the symptoms in the tolerable range.

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