Tripping up and standing again

I have told you about my propensity, before 
To trip and fall everywhere and anywhere
Long ago, I have stopped being embarrassed about it
Now I do try not to fall but getting up again is vital
Both literally and figuratively we all trip
That is a part of going through life, I feel
But getting back on our feet is a must
Not giving up, and keep on trying again is my credo

Written for Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday- “trip.”



62 thoughts on “Tripping up and standing again

  1. … that said, the view from the floor can be wonderful too. One of the most popular episodes of my podcast (Sklugoo Speaks) is about describing my experience of laying on my back in the kitchen. 😀

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  2. This is so true, Sadje. Falling down is a part of it. I would even say, when we are highly engaged and are taking risks with our creative potential we might fall more, yet, as you write, getting back up again is the key. Lovely poem, my friend.

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  3. I have only fallen twice as an adult. One fall resulted in a torn rotator cuff, and the other required stitches above my eye. I can’t imagine falling often. Twice was scary enough.

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    1. That’s must’ve hurt badly! I used to fall everywhere. Perhaps due to my flat feet and my being always in a hurry. I try to be careful now that both my knees are metal, but accidents still happen


  4. Recognizing that getting up is very valuable. I once bonked my head in the shallow end of a public pool… I thought about not surfacing – blanking out, but really especially underwater, not a good option. I did end up needed some stitches in my forehead! That was long ago… So I had a sort of a ‘Harry Potter’ scar long before ‘Harry Potter’ was thought of 🙂

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