The color of life

The color of human skin is hard to replicate 
It is a shade of brown, but not any brown
It’s a shade of humanity mixed with blood
When you try to color a face on canvas or paper
You will have to mix so many shades to find
That one shade that matches the color of your skin
From the color of the earth on which we’re born and die
To the bark of the tree we need to survive
The pastels of the sunrise and sunset
All mixed together to give the true color of life

“The colour brown is anything but nondescript. It comes in as many hues as there are colours of earth, which is commonly presumed infinite.” ~ Barbara Kingsolver. 

It’s the first weekend of March, and it’s time for our monthly Colour Challenge. Spring is sprouting, so we’ve chosen BROWN

Written for Weekly Prompt Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge – Brown, hosted by Sue W and GC



86 thoughts on “The color of life

  1. Nicely done, really enjoyed this poem as it’s fitting for International Women’s Day (today.) I wrote about the topic from a POC, WOC perspective. Feel free to check out my blog when you get a chance. It’s longer than your poem if you don’t mind reading longer posts.

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  2. I was watching a show on a famous painter… (sorry I can’t remember who), but when restorists looked deeply into one of their paintings via electronic type of xray imaging, they found over 17 (plus or minus) layers of paints and varnishes which were used to get the right shading that the painter wanted for their human skin tones.

    Brown is a wonderful color. 🙂

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