A day to remember

Today is international woman’s day, did you know?

It’s a day to honor all the women who are in our lives, and all those who have preceded them.

It’s a day to open our hearts and arms wide open to embrace the achievements of these remarkable women. It is also a day to strike down the barriers of ignorance and narrow-mindedness which stop our girls and women from achieving their dreams.

Replace the words; ‘You cannot’ with; ‘Yes you can’. Open the doors that were or are shut for them. Don’t confine them to your home, in kitchens or laundry rooms. Open wide the canvas of life, with all the bright, jubilant colors for them to try and experience.


A woman is much more than a mere man
She can do what men cannot even imagine
She has the strength of ten men in her delicate body
Her mind can process so many tasks in the same instance
A mother, a caretaker, a driver, an organizer
These are just a few of her duties
Before she’s even left her home for work
You cannot repay her for all that she does
Honor her and appreciate her with a generous and open mind


Written for my own prompt; WDYS # 124, in honor of International Women’s Day.





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