Sharing my views about history and seasons

Melanie, our gracious host of SYW has these questions for us this week;


What’s The Strangest Thing In Your Refrigerator?

I have a six month old bottle of extra hot chili sauce/ dip in my fridge. It’s too hot for my taste but I cannot bring myself to throw it away, thinking that one day I might use it.

Would You Rather Hear The Music Of Johann Sebastian Bach Played By A Barbershop Quartet, Or A Heavy Metal Band?

I frankly have no idea of what either one would sound like. So no opinion here.

If You Could Erase One Event From History, Which One Would You Erase?

It’s very dangerous to try to mess with history. One can argue that we could do away with the wars, epidemics, famines, floods, or any other event causing great destruction in human history but it’s never the answer. So instead of erasing history, if we learned from it we may fare better.

If Your Food Is Bad At A Restaurant, Do You Say Something?

If the food is too bad, or the service is terrible or it’s too late, I do complain. The point is not to get anyone into trouble but to let the manager know that they need to improve their standard of service.

GRATITUDE SECTION (as always, optional):

On one side of the earth we’re facing upcoming Spring, and on the other Autumn. What positive or uplifting thought do these changes bring to you?

I always feel more jubilant when the seasons change. Like everything is new and vibrant. So it doesn’t matter if spring is coming or autumn, summer or winter! Just the idea of change makes me feel alive.

Clouds looking amazing while obscuring the sun.



46 thoughts on “Sharing my views about history and seasons

  1. Thank you so much Sadje for Sharing Your World! What optimistic and uplifting answers! 🙂 You always see the good in the situation and use your common sense when facing issues like changing history. Your words were perfect! If we do change the past, it alters the future and sometimes that’s a worse thing than leaving it alone. I’m sorry about the music question, I realize now that not everyone is familiar with barbershop quartets and have chosen not to listen to heavy metal rock. Poor Mr. Bach would roll in his grave if he heard his fine music played either way, trust me. Plus the quartets need words to sing, and from my limited knowledge, Bach didn’t put lyrics with his music. I’m glad to know that someone else speaks up if the food or the service is substandard and one is paying for it. One doesn’t have to be mean about it, but it does let the manager/owner know to step up their game! I loved the meme and will snag it for a future “Gratitude” to share if that’s ok? The photo was amazing too, and captured your thought very well! Have a great week! 🙂

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    1. Thanks a lot Melanie! I tried to Google the barbershop quartet but couldn’t get a clear idea of what it’ll be like. No worries about the question. We do know a lot of things about American culture as it is the home of Hollywood.
      And yes, if you pay for food in a restaurant, you have a right to get good food and service. No shame in speaking up.
      Thanks for lovely questions. Use the meme as I found it on my Google search. ❤️🙏🏼


  2. These questions are worth pondering over and your answers give some clear view of them. I admit that wishing to have changed history is less realistic but learning from them is sure something noble. And, poor me, I don’t always complain about poor foods in restaurants. I ignore the first time but when it’s repeated i simply move on to another restaurant the next time. Haha. It’s fun going through these.

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    1. Thanks a lot Lamittan! I feel that we shouldn’t mess with the history because it’s not a good idea, )and of course not possible) but learn from it. I do what you do in respect to bad food/ service in a restaurant, usually. But sometimes one has to speak up.


  3. To the best of my knowledge no one has ever tried to go back in history and prevent things from happening, so how do we know that doing so would end in disaster? Just curious, because you aren’t the only one who said so…

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        1. Haha! Saw that one many times. In Avengers endgame, it also turned out well. Let’s wait till someone finds a way to go back in time. And why do we think that any one person going back in time would have this power to change anything at that point?


  4. LOL about the chili sauce!
    I feel the same way about the change of seasons, its exciting. I may complain about the cold and snow, but honestly I would miss the change of seasons if I moved to a state where it was always warm.

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  5. I had to chuckle about you not tossing the hot chili sauce/dip because you might find a use for it 🙂 I’m like that about a LOT of things, haha!

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