Is it fresh?

I remember this snippet from a movie where the restaurant owner had live crabs in a tank and the customer would select the one they want to be cooked from the selection. This lady saw the crab which looked a lot like this one and asked the owner, “ is it fresh?” The man was puzzled and replied that it was still alive. The woman wasn’t satisfied with his answer and again asked if it was a fresh crab?

What does one reply to stupid questions?

It’s easy to crab about everything and anything. Things that are not in our control when irritate us, we complain and rant. But we never think from the point of view of the other side. I remember once I complained about the attitude of someone in public dealing. One person, who had personal experience of that position, explained to me why the person may be behaving in that manner and what sort of challenges they may be facing.

So if we cannot be a part of the solution, we shouldn’t be a part of the problem.

Crab – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a rather fearsome little crab with pretty big claws, making his way along some white stones.

Written for WritePhoto # Crab, hosted by KL Caley



54 thoughts on “Is it fresh?

  1. Awesome post, Sadje. I completely agree. When working with the team, I always coach them, because in those moments I am also coaching myself, that when they bring up issues, to also bring up possible solutions. Helpful.

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  2. I am learning to step back and think before I respond to something if I don’t know the background of it. I have been known to be crabby. Sometimes it just feels good to let go and complain! 😾

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  3. Excellent use of the prompt, Sadje. I’ve always felt sorry for the crabs kept in those glass watery cages just waiting to meet their demise.

    I feel most have days we feel crabby, especially during these turbulent times.

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