Protecting privacy

The concept of privacy had undergone a drastic change in recent years. Almost a decade ago, Facebook was relatively new and other forms of social media like Instagram and Twitter hadn’t taken hold yet. Gradually we have become de-sensitized to the dangers of sharing our photographs and personal information on all social media platforms.

Today we think it routine to click our pictures and post them instantly on our most favored media platform. This is a risky trend. Once your pictures and information are out there anyone can use them. So before you want to advertise to the world what you had for lunch, what you are wearing and feeling, be careful.

My advice would be to be circumspect with your information. And don’t share too much of yourself on social media. Even when you want to tell the world, and all your frenemies that you’re living an ideal life, very few will believe it.

The photograph is from Josh Rose @

(For the visually challenged writer, the photo is taken from the point of view of a women who is taking a photo of her friend sitting across from her at an outdoor restaurant)

Written for FFFC # 158, hosted by Fandango



86 thoughts on “Protecting privacy

  1. Back before we got married in September I apparently posted something about “getting married”. One of my sisters called and was pretty nasty (that’s a whole other story) but said I shouldn’t write things on my blog if I don’t want anyone to know. I am really careful now what I say. I probably say more in my comments than in my posts. My blog goes to FB and LinkedIn so I try not to write too much that is personal.

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  2. Interesting and reasonable point Sadje. Caution is needed but there are vast therapeutic anecdotes about social media sharing, and advantages that come with it too. And people still have their deepest secrets. For some, it’s a fantasy life away from very bland or tough living. I wouldn’t deny anyone that.

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        1. Freedom need not be in advertising your location, your cell number or the names of your family to the worlds. Freedom is living a freer life, unencumbered by trying to appear what one isn’t!

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              1. I might be guilty of my mindset because crimes like kidnap or stalking or serial killers are so rare and many don’t even hear about them aside from western news and movies or books, that sharing a location here usually brings or convinces friends to join one, as opposed to criminals.

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                  1. Oh, there is certainly crime. Robberies and thefts and killings and rapes but it’s not done through social media and following someone. mostly by being alone at a late hour in a place without people, or snatching bags and phones in crowded places.

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                    1. the abuse is certainly there but not in the ‘don’t share location’ sense.
                      take care too, Sadje. sorry for arguing a lot on this.

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                    2. yap. i’m always very open to learning and understanding. don’t know if it’s the same thing exactly, but both.

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  3. look for a book called SURVEILLANCE CAPITALISM by Shoshana Zuboff…it’s a big heavy book, so you can also search for her on YouTube and look at her talks…she is an important writer and thinker 💙💙

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  4. Remember who can see your social media accounts: current and potential employers, current and potential love interests, civil authorities, private investigators, hackers, extortionists, homeowners associations, banks, credit card companies, and that’s just the start. Anything you post is public knowledge. Best to get rid of all social media, or at least anything any of these audiences could consider incriminating.

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  5. Great advice, Sadje. I would recommend reducing the quality of any personal images shared too, so it limits what anyone could potentially use it for, collages are a great way to do this. KL ❤️

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  6. Very relevant for today’s times! We should definitely be more careful of our privacy online. I do feel the need to detox and take a break from social platforms, I actually took a break for an year from all platforms. It felt safe…

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  7. Also, those that include their location at the moment is very risky. If I do post or recommend a place, I do it a couple days or weeks after and never right at the moment. Better not to share your exact location

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  8. I’m frankly astounded by people–especially young people–who publicize “anything and everything” of a personal nature. It’s taken me years to put my real face on a blog…mostly because I doubt many people are interested, haha!!

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  9. I practically left checking and uploading anything on FB during lockdown because there were so many upsetting news everywhere. I am not insensitive but the depressing news coming from everywhere overwhelmed me. Now, I don’t feel compelled to write and post everything. It seems like I got cured of a mischievous spell. 😇

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