The three things that really matters in life

This week the question from Fandango is;

If there are only three things in life that truly matter, what do you think they are and why did you choose those three?


I must admit that this is a teaser, because how can I narrow it down to just three really important things! Let me try……

So if I put myself in the role of a parent advising my child, the three important things would be;

Faith and good values

Hard work and integrity

Kindness and generosity

I know these are more like six things but I think they are related to each other and so I’ve put them together.

For me, faith and good values are of primary importance. It is with strong faith that we start our journey in life. Faith to me means having unshakable faith in the existence of God and to follow the rules he has laid out for us, and that includes having good values upon which we build our lives and character.

Having a foundation of faith, the next important pre-requisite for a good life is success which cannot be achieved without hard work and integrity. Man or woman, whoever wants to succeed in life, needs to work hard with integrity.

Kindness and generosity are what make us good human beings. I cannot stress upon the importance of being kind, enough. When we are kind and generous to our fellow humans, our life is complete.

These are my three/ six important things in life.

Written for FPQ # 159, hosted by Fandango



61 thoughts on “The three things that really matters in life

  1. For sure, these three make a thousand. I’d go for them too. Without these, life’d be tough… with faith and virtues come peace and peaceful coexistance, with hard work and integrity come progress, livelihood and servicehood. And with kindness and generosity come care, protection, and humaneness. Glad we can think the same line. 💖

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