Questions asked but never answered

Rhetorical questions that don’t wait for answers

Many queries that rise in the mind of people, young and old

Questions that need to be answered seriously and yet remain unanswered

Are there any questions? She asked at the end of her talk and many hands went up. They all had one question for her; Did she really meant it when she offered to help the students?

I chose this line from Paula’s list;

Are there any questions? –Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale (1986)

Written for Paula’s RFP # 8



27 thoughts on “Questions?

  1. I think faith is one big question. It is hard to seperate myth and man-made retoric and rules from something that some believe we cannot touch or see. Which goes along with another biggie ‘Is there life (before or) after a human death?

    I did have professors that did offer help and followed through. 🙂

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      1. One truth I know is that kindness can shine from many different sources. People can be different in many ways. And still get along.

        Your kindess shines bright 🙂 💖

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  2. my daughter is a teacher and goes crazy when the kids ask the same question over and over. Mostly when they were on zoom and kept their screens off so they weren’t listening. but there are no stupid questions! so important to clarify. 💖

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