Barriers to publishing

This week, continuing her discussion on bl, Dr. Tanya has asked our opinion on this quote;

“The Internet destroyed most of the barriers to publication. The cost of being a publisher dropped to almost zero with two interesting immediate results: anybody can publish, and more importantly, you can publish whatever you want.”

(Dick Costolo)


Internet, and more relevantly, the freedom to create your own website and post your content on it, was what broke the barrier to publishing. And it is true that anyone who wants to, can publish their thoughts, stories or research on the internet.

As far as blogging is concerned, I pay for the privilege to publish my blog. It’s not that I cannot blog for free but paying for a site ensures that WordPress won’t delete my site if they so feel inclined. It also means that they won’t put any corny or gruesome ads on my blog posts.

Another way we use internet to publish our content is via ebooks. Since I haven’t done this yet, I’m not very cognizant with it’s details but I’m sure it doesn’t cost the money it does to publish a real paper book.

So yes, I agree that having the facility of self-publishing our content on the web, has to some degree made it free( cheaper) for ordinary people. But whoever uses this freedom should keep in mind that their content should be well-edited and free of errors. There are too many books and posts that lose their impact because they haven’t been edited properly.


Written for Blogging Insights NF# 32, hosted by Tanya



50 thoughts on “Barriers to publishing

  1. I agree that self-published books and blogs need to be edited. It shows a respect for one’s own writing. Sure, mistakes slip through, but you can tell if someone took the time to make a story or article as error-free as possible.

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      1. Well, you can doi it for nothing but you wont be able to have proper editing, a decent looking cover, or layout in your book. Even if you did all that yourself without spending thousands on promotion you’ll get no sales. I mean so far you are the only person who bought Stolen Treasures. Thats what happens when you cant spend money on your books.

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  2. If you want to publish, you can, but publishing something that is worth reading is a whole different matter. You are right about the importance of editing and although you can do that yourself, it never hurts to have another pair of fresh eyes to see something that you missed.

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  3. Good points, Sadje. Agree about editing and eliminating errors. Also, I pay to eliminate ads from my site. The last thing I want to see are ads about bad teeth or stomach problems! 😁

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  4. I have to admit, I have never paid a penny to WordPress…but I do hope they would not delete my site after all the time I have put into it!

    Most of the time, I just read posts in the WP Reader so I never see adverts. When I do visit sites, I see adverts showing me dresses and shoes. That;s because my cookies know that is what I have been googling. I cannot control what other people google, what cookies are on their electronic devices, and therefore what adverts they will see when they visit my website or any other website. I could pay so that they don’t see any adverts but I would sort of prefer for them to take responsibility for their own search engine activity.

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    1. I pay for my domain name and to preserve my content. You’re right that via reader there are no ads. I didn’t knew about the ads being regulated by the cookies on our devices. Interesting thought.

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