I’ll cross this bridge

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a two-arched stone bridge stretching over a river. Traffic queues at one side waiting to cross.


As a child, my imagination ran wild
I used to dream up impossible scenarios
Creating difficulties where none existed
Upheavals and challenges conjured from thin air
All this distress was too much to handle for me at times
So I would go to my father to seek his wise counsel
Gently and with wisdom, he would tackle my problems
One by one diminishing the mountains into molehills
One of the adages he used has stuck to me even now,
You can only cross the bridge when you’ll come to it!


Written for KL Caley’s WritePhoto challenge this week, Bridge



47 thoughts on “I’ll cross this bridge

  1. You can only cross the bridge when you’ll come to it! (Yes)

    The childhood imagination is fantastic and entertaining. Anyway, we should know the reality.

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      1. Oh I know it’s wisdom…I’m just a slow-learner, haha! I think it’s because I had too much responsibility, too young…and I was expected to figure out what to do, solutions for everything, with no assistance. So I became a Worrier extraordinaire!

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  2. I read recently that many of us imagine scenarios to help protect ourselves from bad outcomes because we think we anticipate how to handle any situation. Unfortunately, it’s also stress and anxiety-inducing to our nervous system. We set ourselves up for failure and don’t even realize it. I was guilty of this in my childhood too.


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