One Liner- Job interview

Sometimes being totally honest at an interview may not be the right idea!

Written for Linda’s One Liner Wednesday



36 thoughts on “One Liner- Job interview

  1. Fake interviews. I used to those retards for a money. They need to fulfil a quote for a news that “they are asking employees but they don’t. They have someone allready or just it is marketing slogan” we are growing with business “. So whatever we sad on interview better is be by myself. If I want to keep a job, faking is not option. People who ask for a employee must have a education. Every primitive person open a company where job is mobbing every kind of is normal to them. Government must educated businesses people, bontona, respect a employee because they are buying our work NOT US 🤔😉

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      1. I probably phrased that wrong–of course I believe in honesty, and abhor deceit. I was just thinking that some people–like myself–tend to say too much when it’s not necessary 🙂 🙂

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