I Prefer A Mundane Life


A mundane life is a good life.

Doing the same old boring activities everyday, following the same dull and unexciting routines means that we aren’t under any unusual stress or are facing a challenge.

We crave excitement and seek thrills in our lives but when our steadily and sedately going life encounters turbulence and unforeseen storms, we immediately regret our desire for excitement and want our unexciting life back.

I like routine, I like doing the same boring and mundane things every day.

It may make me a dull and boring person but I do prefer this to excitement that turns my life upside down.

Do you like routine or do you want exciting things happening in your life?


Written for Six Sentences Story- Mundane, hosted by Girlie on the edge’s blog



77 thoughts on “I Prefer A Mundane Life

  1. I have a low boredom threshold, so I like routine but mines normally fast and furious. This morning I got up at 3:50am and did weights and physio for an hour and in 25 minutes I’ll be off to work. In the evenings I cram in as much as possible … so I have a routine but it’s jam packed

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  2. As I age, I am more interested in quietness and less excitement. I don’t think it’s boring at all. It is a relief to me, from the stress of overload on the mind and body, as you write, Sadje. I complete agree.

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  3. I like routine too. And I don’t find it mundane at all. Routine is comforting, delightful, and can be creative.
    For example, my daily walk is a routine but so invigorating. The ever-changing, colorful sunrise, the sound of birds chirping, greeting other walkers, enjoying nature in its glory.
    My daily cooking can be creative. The excitement of learning new recipes, discovering new by repurposing old ones, having disasters while trying something new, and laughing at some of my epic failures!
    I can go on, and on—

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  4. I like a little of both, I find it quite exciting when I change my routine, try new things, do needlework projects, shop for the threads I need, or get an idea of a new painting, I suppose one might say that is my routine.

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  5. That is an interesting contrast in desire, routine vs certainty… but, then again, what’s the saying about opposites attracting.
    ying and yang, I suspect is in evidence
    good readin’ Six this week.

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  6. Both! I enjoy the dependability of certain routine but find myself at some point needing to switch things up a bit. Helps keep me on my toes. I enjoyed Chaya’s comment and agree with her. In the end, it boils down to choice and perspective.

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