What is great blog content?

This Monday for her blogging insight series, Dr Tanya asks our opinion on this quote;

a blog that's great for your readers quote

Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers. ” – Brian Clark


I feel that this quote does give direction to a blogger especially a new one.

New bloggers are often conflicted about the content of their posts. Some people start with an idea of a niche topic and have done research on it. They also want to earn money, have a huge following in a short time. This type of blogger will try their best to write posts which they think are perfect for their niche and hence their readers.

The other type of people who start a blog start without any fixed idea of what their blog is going to be about. They learn and grow as they go along. This type of blogger has a better idea of what their readers want to read as they have tried different types of writing to judge the taste of their followers.

In the end it boils down to not the type of content a blogger thinks is great but what their readers think is great. Anything that resonates with the followers of a blog will generate not only popularity but also increased readership. Hence the better judge of the quality of a post is the reader and not the writer.

Thank you Dr.Tanya for this prompt.



48 thoughts on “What is great blog content?

  1. I usually agree with all of your posts but this is a weird quote in my opinion. If a blogger only writes what he thinks pleases and/or to get followers, I think that’s useless. I write what I want and hope it resonates with someone else but it’s not a necessity. I don’t check stats etc and then adjust my content. But I may be wrong 😄😳😅

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    1. Thanks Cheryl for sharing your thoughts. I agree that it does seem odd to write to please people, but what I mean is write what resonates with people. Like if I have a political view and I write about it, it will resonate with some people and anger others.

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  2. Sadje, I find this very important to me as a young blogger. I agree that a good blogsite is reader-centered and not writer-centered. Many thanks for sharing this wonderful tip. I’m learning daily from you, my friend. 😊🙏

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  3. I am not sure what Brian Clark wished to convey.
    Also it’s confusing.
    Great blog vs great topic for readers!
    I don’t find in anyway one can describe these two separately.
    After all blogging is for joy and one is sure to come across people of similar interest and the blog can grow.
    Who decides the topic is great?
    Is it not like minded people?
    If one goes on searching for topics that makes the readers read….one may not start a blog at all!
    Better to stick to topic they are passion about and naturally somebody from somewhere at sometime with similar thought process may reach out to you and appreciate the content.
    This is my personal opinion and others need not agree.
    Thank you for your thoughts on this subject.

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  4. Having a well-followed blog takes either a very long time or a lot of money regardless of content, I think.

    I do mostly stories and poems on mine. I get quite a few people as me to do regular blogs about me, cooking and writing as well. My reservation is that I don’t want those types of posts mixed with stories and stopping my readers from finding something to read. So, diversification on a blog at least for me seems to be a bad idea. One should stay focused on one area I think.

    Great post Sadje.

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