Susi’s Questions – After a year!

In February of 2021, Susi was nominated for Outstanding Blogger Award. She nominated everyone who was visiting and asked these questions;


1. What is the hardest thing about facing your fears?

I think the hardest thing about facing my fears is acknowledging them. It is hard for me to admit to any fear. But unless I admit I am fearful of something, I cannot challenge it.

2. What do you hope you are remembered for?

I hope I’ll be remembered for my kindness. This is one thing that everyone can be; kind and caring.

3. Name three of your favorite achievements.

My three children are my favorite achievements. And if we count them as one then the second one will be my grandson, in whose upbringing I am playing a significant role. And thirdly my blog, which gives me so much pleasure and satisfaction. And I hope it gives some points to ponder to those who read it.

4. Who encourages you the most?

My husband is my most ardent supporter. He encourages me to follow my dreams and helps me in the process too.

5. If you could travel anywhere and money were no object, where would you go and for how long?

I have no big plans for travel as it’s not something I’m crazy about. I’d love to take all of my kids and their families to Turkey for a short vacation. Or perhaps I could visit America again when traveling is safe. I would plan for a shortish visit 2-3 weeks should be enough.

6. If you knew the date of your death, what two things would you make sure to do before you died?

Organize my affairs, like money, passwords for my accounts, etc so that my kids can close the accounts. The second thing would be to ask God for forgiveness for my sins, but before doing that I would ask my family and friends for forgiveness if I had hurt them knowingly or unknowingly.

7. What is your favorite ethnic food?

My favorite dish is Haleem. It is made with a mix of chicken, bone broth, a mix of lentils, wheat, and rice. It is cooked for a long time till all the ingredients are soft and mushed together in a thick soup-like consistency. I love it on its own or with naan.

These are fun Questions, and if you feel like, do answer them. Thanks Susi. I’m sorry it took me a year to respond.



62 thoughts on “Susi’s Questions – After a year!

  1. Better late than never! So wonderful to see your answers this morning. 🙂 That dish definitely does sound wonderful, might have to find a recipe for it and try it out. From what I have discovered over the years, you definitely lead with kindness. Thanks so much for that, Sadje! ❤

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