Sunday Poser # 68

Welcome back to another Sunday Poser

This week my question is;

How security conscious are you?

My level of awareness about the security of my own self, my home, and my digital identity is quite high. Very often we hear of people being hacked or their identity stolen. I try my best to keep my passwords secure, and the details of my bank account private.

Nowadays many people try to trick us into sharing our information with them by pretending to be a representative of the bank. I’ve learned to distrust them and mostly my answer to them is a flat no when they want to talk about an offer or a special plan.

As far as physical security is concerned, I take it seriously too. I lock my doors as soon as I am home and at sunset, they are closed and locked for good.

How much security conscious are you? Have you been hacked or your cards misused?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section or you can write your own post and link it to this one so that I can find it.

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89 thoughts on “Sunday Poser # 68

  1. WellIt is not only because of my multidisciplinary work, but when the nuns educate you, you learn or learn, because in those years, there were strict rules, and more security. So, investigating It is the key, to take another step, only if the previous one is in order. But I would have to tell my whole life hahaha. Hug! GOOD SUNDAY!✍️👌🕊️

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  2. I’ve never had any trouble with anyone for a long time, but I play it pretty safe, especially when I go out in public…I am very careful not to get involved in any nonsense with people I don’t know 😯😯

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  3. I try to be as safe as I can, though I do so much online a determined person could probably cause harm to me. Same with physical safety, which I’m more conscious of the older I get. I’m not only worried about being robbed or whatever, but also I’m terrified of falling and hurting myself, which is a great reason to not walk around in the dark. I’m annoyed to be back on Facebook, but some friends refuse to communicate any other way. I try to keep a low profile there and never respond to quizzes and other garbage, which hackers use to create profiles of us. It’s also really important not to reply to random emails or texts…

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  4. I try to be but seriously I think we all have big brother keeping an eye and ear on us. Privacy is a thing of the past. Write a text, Snapchat or email with a certain subject, say haircut and see what you get for Mail afterwards😳🙄

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  5. I’m not as security conscious as I should be. Personal security is pretty hit and miss. I used to run at 4am, I rarely lock the doors and I give rides to hitchhikers. Cyber security more so.

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    1. I get your point, too much consciousness can bog you down. Perhaps you live in a secure place. Cyber security is so important as a tiny slip can cause a lot of loss.


  6. Our credit card gets hacked frequently. Almost once a year. Fortunately, the company is very vigilant and texts any suspicious activity. They overnight us new cards. The downside is they decline charges that seem out of line for us.

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  7. I am pretty careful about security. Have never had a problem until recently. I have been bombarded with spam stuff on my phone! I’ve been blocking numbers but still having lots of nonsense texts. It’s a pain in the butt!

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  8. On a spectrum of very security conscious to a little security conscious, I would say I’m in the middle. I’ve not had anything hacked or stolen, and am careful on the internet. I always lock my door at home, and watch myself in crowds. Some of this might be pandemic related though, especially in large crowds, which I’m not in often. Thanks for the prompt, Sadje.

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  9. I’ve had about three different viruses (computer issues) over all the years. Thankfully no brake-ins in any home I’ve had. Some Docs want to do everything via an online portal. I had won set up, but I told the office I don’t like using it so please call me with info.

    It is a different age than thirty, 60 or even 80 years ago. We have to adapt in some ways… but there are still folks with real rotary phones that have to actually be dialed. Maybe not many… but a few 😉

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