In the same boat

Boats – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writers, the image shows two bobbing boats beside a footpath and some railings.


It is interesting when we find something common 
With a total stranger who is in a similar situation
Like passengers sailing in the same boat
We find a common ground, a shared predicament
That both of us facing, binding us together
Both being able to understand what the other is feeling
How rare is finding this thread that links us to someone else?


Written for WritePhoto # Boats, hosted by KL Carley



56 thoughts on “In the same boat

  1. I used to have the same experience when waiting and waiting and waiting in the doctor’s office. Start talking to the person who is sitting beside me – waiting too. And we talk for hours about common situations. 😉

    Not so much now since we sit 6 or more feet apart because of covid. 😦

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  2. Its sometimes a miracle to find someone who’s going through what you’re going through and then thinking how you thought that you were the only one who felt or thought that way… I don’t know if what I said makes sense, I didn’t find any other way to explain it😅

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      1. Aww I know Sadje, there are so many wonderful prompts in the community, it’s finding the time to do them all. I’ve started doing a few combo prompts sometimes. Thank you so much for participating when you can, I really appreciate it. KL ❤

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  3. I love this post.
    I have lived on three continents and find that I have something in common with the people of each continent. No matter the nationality, religious beliefs, political views, upbringing, socio-economic position, or culture.
    I have been blessed to have taught in a school of a multi-cultural and socio-economically diverse student body and colleagues. I have learned so much from each one of them.
    When there was a dispute among my students or a student’s feelings were hurt, I would always tell them that we are all humans and the common thing among us is – – “When we are hurt, all os us bleed red.”
    Thank you for sharing.

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  4. My mom has good communication skills and often becomes friendly with strangers. Pre covid, she’d wait for me to finish work and would ask that I fetch her in a mall near my office. I’d find her in deep conversation with someone like they’ve been friends for how many years and when I ask her who that was she’d say, “Oh just someone waiting for her daughter too.” As an introvert, I always found this amazing.

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