I have to write whatever pops into my mind in SoCS! It can be a poem, an anecdote or just some random ideas that come into my mind right at this moment.

Doing whatever we want seems like a very attractive idea on the surface but if we think about it, it’s a somewhat dangerous idea.

We can rationalize that we are sensible people and whatever we decide to do would be sensible. But not everyone is sensible or caring about others. If we all started doing whatever we liked, all of us, can you imagine the chaos that would ensue?

One example of doing whatever we like is that of people not getting vaccinated, not wearing masks, and not taking other precautions because whatever…….

So in the interest of humanity, whatever you do, please be considerate of others around you. Don’t go around doing whatever you want, whenever you want!

Written for Linda’s Stream of consciousness Saturday

Your prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “whatever.” Use the word “whatever” any way you’d like. Bonus points if you start your post with it. Have fun!



56 thoughts on “Whatever…..

    1. Myrna, I am from the medical field and understand how the human body develops immunity in response to a vaccine. Till we have medicines to treat this virus, we need to boost the immunity of our bodies. The media only conveys the message from the medical community. I’ve had two boosters till date and would get more when needed. It is the wise course of action.

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      1. I am sure you are a very knowledgeable person within the medical field, but they are not always correct since they are only human. Natural immunity is God’s gift and I will put all my trust in God, not the media which has its own agenda these days.

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        1. No they aren’t always 100% correct but all the knowledge man possess is given to us by God. We have learned to treat many deadly diseases like tuberculosis, typhoid, cholera etc which caused so many deaths in past. Similarly, many diseases are now preventable by using vaccines, like smallpox, polio, hepatitis, measles and so many others. It has nothing to do with any media, only medical field

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          1. I appreciate and agree that all knowledge comes from God, yet God has also given us free will to do good or evil with said knowledge. We are living in different times today, governments all over the world have a different agenda than back when deadly diseases were cured for the good of the world, not so today when all they want is control of the world with fear as their instrument.

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  1. Wow, I love how you tweaked this from a plain thought to a great piece of advice. You make a good opinion writer, dear. All safety precautions should be taken at such a time when the world is still leaning on the wreckages on a bug. Couldn’t agree more 👏

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