Me and myself

Image credit: Kelly Ann Tan on Unsplash

(The image shows a child looking at his image in a clear glass.)


Standing silently 
He stares at his reflection
Raises his arms above his head
Turn his hands this way and that
Assuring himself that it was indeed only his reflection
He drops to the floor sitting cross-legged
Quietly he starts to tell his story
The whispers interspersed with soft giggles
After a while he says a silent goodbye
And moves away from his reflection, another him
Being an only child, he chose himself as his friend


Written for RXC # 218, hosted by Reena.



104 thoughts on “Me and myself

    1. Thank you Reena. I love doing your challenges as they make me think and I think I write my best posts/ poems in response. Thanks my friend for posing these thought provoking challenges.

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      1. Some do better than others. I remember reading of a mother that wrote her three children letters each starting with; You are my favorite because… and each letter expanded on why. It was very sentimental, but true that each child is treated differently, but in the case of the letters… you could tell that all children were equally loved.

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