Dreaming of traveling

All conversations about traveling abroad open with this word;


When the Covid restrictions will ease down, when it will be safe to travel, when it will be safe to fly for 7-8 hours with hundreds of people sharing the air you breathe…..

But like everyone else, we also make plans. Dubai expo was an event we wanted to visit but considered it unsafe to travel right now.

Visiting Turkey is also on the list. I’ve been to Turkey with my friends and so has my husband on an official tour but we didn’t go together. And we want to take the rest of the family with us. Turkey makes an excellent travel destination. It’s not very far, it’s affordable, and it’s welcoming to us Pakistanis. There are old historic places to visit as well the modern Turkey to admire. It offers a wide range of travel attractions to tourists and Istanbul was one of the most visited city in the world before Covid.

Another place that I’d love to visit is Saudi Arabia. I’d like to perform Umrah, a ritualistic visit to holy Ka’aba in the city of Mecca. All Muslims want to visit Mecca to perform Umrah or Hajj.

Stepping out of my comfort zone 
Embarking on a journey to new places
Seems to be a difficult step to take
The inertia of the fear of the unknown stops me
But the excitement of finding something new spurs me on
Growing in wisdom and experience with every new destination
Traveling opens my heart and mind to new possibilities
Pack your bags 
Raid the money bank
Fold the map and keep it safe
It’s time to open the door
And step out to explore

Written for WQW #7 – Topic: Where Do You Want to Travel? Hosted by Marsha



55 thoughts on “Dreaming of traveling

  1. Great post, Sadje. My husband visited Saudi with work and got to do some travelling, he still speaks highly of it now. The group were given an excellent guide and he got to try so many wonderful foods. I’ve been to Turkey sometime ago when i was young but like you would like to visit again and do some exploring. KL ❤

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  2. Well said Sadje. A thought provoking post. Travel does open the eyes of the soul to more than one’s self.
    I’ve traveled a great deal and hope to do more. If places far are prohibited there are the great expanses of my homeland yet to explore.
    I enjoyed this post, very much. Thank you Sadje😊

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  3. Sadje, you have some wonderful-sounding dreams. I love your quotes, too. I should have you write the WQW posts before I do then I could quote you! Your words, especially your poetry pieces are wonderful. I’ve been as far as Greece, Colleagues of mine have been to Turkey and Dubai, and came back loving it, but they are around the world from me. I’ll go with you vicariously when you go. 🙂

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    1. Thanks a lot Marsha. You’re very kind. If you get a chance, visit Turkey. Part of Istanbul is in Europe and part of it is in Asia. It’s a beautiful place and as I wrote, quite affordable.

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  4. When we took my son to the barber 💈 she asked us about our travels. Since Covid I have seen people go to even Texas and come back with the virus. So it makes me sketchy. I wanna take my kids to the beach. It would be their very first time. It’s just i guess not safe so we kinda are hesitant. I hope maybe this summer everything will cool down.

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      1. I agree. These days, I get anxious when I go out. I didn’t even think I had anxiety, until covid happened. I miss just being able to go out without worrying so much. But, I’m praying for better days to come 🙂

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  5. I wish I could travel too. I’ve been to Turkey 4 times and Saudi Arabia twice for Umrah. Due to the economic situation in Lebanon and the drop in the value of the Lebanese Lira, travel is out of the question in my husband’s books. He says I can go to turkey if my dad or brother take me, as long as they pay, but my brother is currently homeless in the US and has been jobless since the pandemic began (after having a decent job in architecture before then) and my dad is taking care of his elderly parents who are in their 90s so going out and about is not on his mind right now.

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