Destroyer of happiness

Bitten, with the bug
Bitter and resentful
The envy eating away
At her peace of mind

Logic cannot appease
Wisdom is wasted here
When there is no reason
How can she accept

Someone is better than her
More kind or thoughtful
Perhaps prettier or generous
Or richer in wealth or thoughts

The hold of the green monster
Is tight on her soul, her heart
Only she can break this grip
By choosing to be magnanimous

When we count our blessings
When we make a list of gratitude
Only then our eyes can see clearly
What really matters in life


Eugi’s Weekly Prompt –Envy – February 15, 2022

Tuesday Writing Prompt; Bitten




68 thoughts on “Destroyer of happiness

  1. Great poem. Stupid question – the metaphor of the green monster, or green-eyed jealousy – is that something from your culture or did you pick that up from “the west”? Just curious on how universal such things are. I know things like color metaphors often shift from culture to culture.

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    1. I picked it up from English literature. Over here being jealous is described as burning with envy, turning black. And note that I think about it, it’s a peculiar description but very apt that in jealousy, people become so obsessed that they do harm to themself too.

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      1. Thanks, Sadje. I have no clue were turning green with envy comes from – it sounds right to me because I’ve known it all of my life, but.. Yes, jealousy does usually harm the one who is jealous much more than their target, and for some it can be very destructive.

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  2. Hi Sadje. . .Yes there are times in life’s journey we attribute self-identity based on financial or other types of wealth. It’s sad ~ likely inbred or taught. You did an excellent piece describing the problem and how better off to enjoy the simple joys of life. 🙂

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  3. How very wise. Try as much as we can, that green light of jealousy creeps up and shadows our happiness with the feeling of not being good enough. But at those moments, I try to shift my gaze and count my blessings.

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