Valentine’s Day breakfast and thoughts

This week Melanie, our gracious host asks her some love themed questions on SYW

The courtyard of the restaurant where we had V day breakfast!


Which traditional Valentine’s Day gift would you rather receive: chocolates, flowers, or a card with a personal message?

Chocolates, every time. The fact is that my family doesn’t gifts me chocolates because of my diabetes so I’d love to get some chocolates for any occasion.

Do you like romantic movies?

Nopes, romantic movies are too mushy for me. I like comedy movies, fantasy based movies, like Marvel, LOTR, Harry Potter etc.

Is Valentine’s Day only about romantic love? Or is it a good occasion to celebrate friendship as well?

I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, but if I did, I’d like to include everyone whom I loved in this celebration.

How do you deal with unwanted romantic attention?

I never was in this position! I guess being married for last almost 37 years has it’s advantages.

GRATITUDE SECTION (As always, optional)

Share one or two of your favorite memories of your special loved one if you’d like.

Yesterday, since my husband was in the city, he took me for breakfast on Valentine’s Day. We had a good time but we needed to sit outside because of the new Covid restrictions. It was pretty cold but a nice breakfast and hot coffee warmed us up.

I am very grateful to all my blogging family and I offer this red rose to you as a token of my appreciation.

Thanks to Melanie for these lovely questions.



44 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day breakfast and thoughts

  1. I love her honesty on these issues. For 37 years in marriage she has never thought of celebrating V-day. Not bad. It’s simply being honest. And she’d love to include everyone she love if celebrating it. That wows my heart. Shows that true love goes beyond a pair. 💕❤. A flower to her ⚘

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  2. 37 years of marriage! I look forward to so many more years with David. I like to believe I would still be married to Bob if he hadn’t passed away. That was already four years ago! At that point we had been married 21 years and I was happy to say that I was still married. So many divorces now it seems like a special thing to have still been together.

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  3. Thank you Sadje for Sharing Your World! What lovely photos and thanks for the sweet rose! 🙂 It’s been a bit strange, but I appear to have hit a nerve with some bloggers who live in places that do celebrate the day, but personally they do not. One was really vehement about why not too. 🤐 Oh well. Next week will be back to the norm. I loved your photography and your kind perspective on the day. You do have a very lovely life! Have a great week!


    1. Thank you so much Melanie, you’re very gracious. I think that’s people should do what suits them and let others do as they want. Why make strong statements about what others are doing.
      I hope you have a great week too. Hugs.


  4. Our day was special enough with new family members.

    I did direct my hubby’s attention to my surprise for him! An “Awe” moment 😉

    And we had to also get a service person to reset some heating electronics (we were not without though – but the major board needed a reset).

    We did go out to dinner at a new small resturant though. That was nice. 😀

    ~{@ A rose for you!

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  5. I would like a card with a note. Chocolate and flowers I can buy any time. I don’t like romantic movies. I am more of an action or mystery movie fan. Valentine’s Day is hyped as a romantic day but for me, it is a day to celebrate love in general. Had to laugh at the last question. It has been a long time since there was any romantic attention in my life. Beautiful rose…thank you!

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