Look up

We are so engrossed in our handheld devices, that we don’t have time to look up, around to see where we are. To find beauty that surrounds us.

Take a while to smell the roses or admire the birds flying above us or the cats observing from a safe distance.

How much passes us by unnoticed, and when we look up, the day has gone, night has fallen and many hours just vanish from our life.

Keep some time aside, to enjoy the nature, the beauty and life, before time runs out.



77 thoughts on “Look up

  1. It first started because of many of the prompts here on WP that I made sure to take pictures on my daily walks. But I found that I was missing a lot and that the things I found beautiful needed to be saved. Now, I try to take pictures everyday, if I see something that really catches my eye.

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  2. PS: I don’t use a cell phone because I don’t like them…and because it makes me crazy when people are walking with their eyes on their phones, not paying attention to people in their path!

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  3. It was so exciting today. It was nice enough to open the windows for a bit… fresh air is so wonderful after a long winter. This is a great reminder to look around once in a while.

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