I am…….but not so much now!

I still obsess over cleanliness but not so much now
I still plan for days ahead but I’m not upset when plans fall through
I still want to have everything in order around me
But if I forget or misplace something, I don’t blow up
Daily chores have to follow a certain pattern
But a bit of mixup can be tolerated, even improvised
As I have grown older, I’ve acquired some tranquility
Accepting that I am not perfect and neither is my life going to be



104 thoughts on “I am…….but not so much now!

          1. There was a poem I once read about dust aand unfortunately I cannot remember the poet or even the name of the poem but it ended with the idea that when we die, we, ourselves, will create more dust. It was cute. It was pertinent and made excellent points like enjoy your life, we only get one go round.

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  1. Ahhhh yes … as we grow older we learn to bend with the wind, to tolerate our homes being just a bit less than perfect, an occasional wrinkle here and there, and we realize that in the grand scheme of things, it really didn’t matter. I love your poem!

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  2. Since getting my room the way I wanted, I have gotten obsessive with keeping my space clean and the way I like it. I was like that when I was in my house too. It’s always nice when we find that tranquility. Beautiful words!

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