Sunday Poser # 67

Welcome back to another Sunday Poser

This week my question is;

What are your thoughts about Valentine’s Day?

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, celebrated almost all around the world. When I was growing up, we hadn’t heard about this at all. It was recently that the big companies picked it up to advertise their products on the back of Valentine’s Day.

In my country, young people do celebrate this day now. There are special events at hotels etc where you can take your beloved and treat them to a grand diner( this was before Covid). I and my husband never joined this crowd. We celebrate our wedding anniversary every year by going out for a special dinner, each other’s birthdays and that’s in addition to the occasional dinner out, circumstances permitting.

This western tradition of celebrating relationships on one specific day is something I don’t completely agree with. I feel love should be celebrated every day. So should other family relationships.

Do you / did you make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day, or every day is a day dedicated to love?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section or you can write your own post and link it to this one so that I can find it.

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72 thoughts on “Sunday Poser # 67

  1. I’ll answer the other question you posed more fully than I did the prompt. “Do you / did you make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day, or every day is a day dedicated to love?” Before I married Valentine’s was a big deal to me. Who might give me a card? Would I get some candy or flowers? I didn’t date a whole lot and one year I got four different Valentines cards (on random days) from a “secret admirer”. I was in a buzz for a week after each one. I found out later that my best friend at the time had sent them because she felt I needed a boost of confidence so I WOULD date more. It was a sweet idea, but given my track record with men, it didn’t help much. After I married, there was only one year that hubby did something really special. He sent me a dozen long stemmed red roses (crimson) to my place of work. I might have died from shock. I did appreciate it of course, but it was out of character and I admit that I wondered what he had done to need redemption from. 😄 These days? I have dear friends who have done things, the local church group comes around and ‘heart the door’ (puts lots of paper hearts of various colors with affirmations written on them on different widows’ doors in the ward. Since Covid nobody does nothing. I don’t expect anything either. So my original answer “Meh” covers the situation nicely I think. Thanks, Sadje! Great prompt! ❤ 🥰

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    1. It was a part of the culture you grew up in. Lucky for us, this was an alien concept. No dating allowed because of our religious and cultural restrictions. Now things are different in younger generation. But we oldies seldom remember to do anything special for this day.


  2. I grew up with Valentine’s Day, and I still don’t really understand it! I also believe that we should practice self-love, and all love, all the time. While it’s nice to get special praise & gifts for a day, I don’t believe those things are reserved for one day out of the year.

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  3. Like you, I believe everyday is special with the one you love. I don’t usually make a big deal about Valentines day. But this year I’ve a little special something planned for my hubby. I’m hanging some red hearts I’ve cut out with ‘love notes’ from the light above our dining table. 💖 I’ve got them all ready to hang – so when after he’s asleep tonight – I’ll hang them and let him have a homemade surprise in the morning.

    I do think it is quite unnecessary to buy cards, toys or even chocolates for Valentines Day. I’m not sure when but the Saint part was removed years ago. As it was once perhaps a more venerated religious holiday.
    Here’s some history: The Real St. Valentine

    There are different stories about the Creek Cupid too. 🙂

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  4. When I was a kid, I hated Vday because it just reminded me of how unpopular I was. Later on, I always wished the man in my life would do something sweet for me on Vday, but none did. I made all bad choices in that department. In my view, it’s impractical to treat every day as special because we’re all busy and we all get tired, so it’s nice to have special occasions. They’re all “made up,” but so what? Anyway, I’ve given up men, but every year I do something extra special for myself on Vday ❤️

    PS: the hype tho is insane like everything else…

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    1. I can imagine how difficult it is to survive this culture of the popularity of young people being measured by the dates or invitations they got on Vday. Self love and self appreciation is the way to go. 💖

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  5. Hello Sadje,

    Great questions. I think Valentine’s Day is overly commercial as well. In our family we exchange handmade cards. In Mexico, Feb 14 is the Day of Love and Friendship. The past two years I’ve celebrated by hosting a friendship themed poetry challenge. The poems are in and I’ll post them tomorrow! Thanks, Rebecca

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  6. We always did a little something for Valentine’s Day, though I can’t remember my parents giving us treats on this day. We just did the cute little Valentines that we’d buy at the store to give out at school to our classmates. In fact I still have those I received, and also some from way back that were my dad’s that he received when he was a kid at school. They were much cuter back then than now. I always gave my girls something sweet and a toy or something. I still send them and the grand-kids a card and some money.
    I agree it’s become much more commercial to buy more and more. It’s kind of got out of hand with that. 😉

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  7. I just published a post about the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day before I read your post. I will simply say that I have no issue with people doing what they choose and hope it comes from the heart. For my husband and I, we do not partake in the commercial aspect of Valentine’s Day. We are content to enjoy a nice meal sans cards, flowers, and chocolates.

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  8. I think V-day is good and well appreciated among most couples even from where I hail, but shouldn’t be taken for the only day one can have excessive fun or surprises with their spouses. Every day should bring with it something new and amazing in marriage lest people live a tasteless life. V-day should just be a day of appreciating all the gifts brought in all along. This is my take, dear Sadje.

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    1. You’re right Lamittan. If we put aside this concept of spending too much of empty gestures and do it from heart, then it’s a commendable thing to do. Thanks for sharing


  9. I actually find the day repugnant. lol “This western tradition of celebrating relationships on one specific day is something I don’t completely agree with. I feel love should be celebrated every day. So should other family relationships.” 100 percent agree with you!

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  10. While people SHOULD celebrate their loving relationships every day, many don’t and need the annual prompt to take a moment to reflect and be grateful. While V-Day isn’t a big deal to me, my husband and I do celebrate it (though rarely on the actual day since he travels for his job and is often home for it), and without it, it would never occur to him that he ought to express “traditional” love and gratefulness. It’s nice to hear it and it be confirmed in a straightforward way every so often, so once a year it is…thanks to V-Day!

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  11. When I was married, Valentine’s Day was something we always celebrated. Today, I have a totally different conception of love, which resonates more with your commentary about celebrating love daily, all manifestations of love. It’s a different way to think about how love fills us and manifests in the world in every moment. It’s always there.

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  12. I remember loving the little notes from friends and I do agree with you that love should be shared everyday but I love holidays to make us pause and say I love you all of your special loved ones. It’s the worst day to go out for dinner though so I’m happier at home. 💖💖💖

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  13. Like you Sadje i am a believer of celebrating love everyday…it is just unfortunate that companies and marketing make a lot of money capitalizing on the need to celebrate love on a grander scale

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  14. Great poser this week, Sadje 🙂 I’ll always be honest…In the past, I (Amy) was a hopeless romantic who would want to get a valentine from my crush (jr. high and high school) or for my husband to buy me some flowers. However, I lost a bit of hope when it comes to love and being loved the way I am capable of loving someone. Valentine’s Day used to be one of those holidays that I looked forward to because I do not get those daily doses of love from anyone, and I cannot remember it ever being a selfless and caring bout of relationships. My relationships have been trauma, but one day I do have hope that I will get the one that is meant for me. Until then, I am not a fan of today. I would rather celebrate the one I love every single day because I love so big and so hard, but I think it will be a long while before that will happen again 🙂

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      1. It was pretty decent 🙂 I watched 1883, and then my sister bought the Lord of the Rings for me to watch. I had never watched it before, so she is getting me ready for the new one coming in September. How was your day?

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  15. Everyday we should show our love and care for others. I see nothing wrong though with a small gesture to show love to those close to you on Valentine’s Day… especial something simple and personal, maybe handmade. I do not go in for the extravagant gifts that are advertised then.

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