Was it all fake?

Her smiling face deceived everyone
Gentleness and care in her every gesture
Agreeing with everyone, pleasant and charming
Never did she asked for anything for herself
Never did she protest an imposition on her time

Inside there was a coil of simmering resentment
Making her angry and dissatisfied with her lot
No one could guess what she truly felt deep inside
For she had schooled her emotions to stay buried
Never to show the world what she thought or felt
Because she sacrificed her true self to please others

Did anyone ever guessed or cared about her sacrifice?


The line to stoke your imagination this week is 

Everything about her was a lie….”

Written for RXC # 217, hosted by Reena



49 thoughts on “Was it all fake?

  1. Excellently created and expressed, Sadje. This one resonates, as you and I have discussed before, I, at one time, partook in similar activities. Very unhealthy for the mind and body, and everyone else really. Those resentments are so painful.

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