Light and dark

Light symbolizes purity 
Dark synonymous with evil often
Without the dark, light has no meaning
Without the contrast, there is no relief

In this world which has both sides, good and bad
We have the right to choose our own path
We can embrace the path of enlightenment
Or can stray towards the attractions of the dark

Mostly we are neither angels nor devil incarnate
But somewhere in the middle, both good and bad
Our choices determine our future
Heaven or hell, both possibilities


Written for Thursday Inspiration – Light, hosted by Jim



54 thoughts on “Light and dark

  1. When we think we are all one or all the other, it gets us into trouble. Feeling above others – too good, etc. we can become arrogant and complacent; conversely when we feel we are bad and less than others we can become depressed and despondent – either is problematic. I like this, Sadje, we really are both light and shadow. When we accept our shadow side we become more compassionate.

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