For no reason at all….

Memory was strong in her mind of what she’d seen
Two tears escaped from her eyes in unison
The misery and death she’d witnessed were heartbreaking
When the pain and agony shattered your heart and spirit
The sorrow leaked through the eyes in a salty avalanche
Why? She asks in a silent scream
Why must the humans behave worse than all creatures
When it had it in its power to be the best of the creations

Why do they turn towards the dark leaving the light?


Written for Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Unison – February 8, 2022

Tuesday Writing prompt: Write a poem that uses light, death, and memory.




34 thoughts on “For no reason at all….

  1. So many good questions. Unfortunately history doesn’t seem to have taught humanity much.
    Though there are many good humans. It seems the majority like to be overwhemingly negative.
    May we come to a time when postitivity is venerated.

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