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This week Tanya has asked our opinion of this quote;


Successful people don’t spam.”Adrienne Smith


I fully agree with this quote. I think here spam not only means leaving irrelevant comments in the blogs of people but also excessive advertising of one’s blog, product etc.

There are so many people in our sphere who take the shortcut of asking others to follow their blog, without doing the hard work of writing good content, interacting with other bloggers, and building a readership. It is sad that they think that these tactics can get people to follow their blogs while in fact it works in just the opposite way. I find such invitation to be irritating and often don’t even visit the blog. However, if a new blogger visits my blog, leaves a thoughtful comment, I am more likely to check their blog.

When I started blogging, I just knew only one blogger on WP, Dr. Tanya. I never asked anyone to follow my blog. I started following blogs whose content I found interesting or to who’s writing I could relate to. The follow-ship developed gradually and though most of the people who follow my blog seldom or never visit it, there are many who visit the blog to read my posts and to comment on them.

Believe me when I say to the new bloggers, “Asking people to follow your blog will not help you in gaining readership. Writing good content and interacting with others would do that” If you want to promote your blog, you can add your link in the comments of this weekly post from Go dog go Café; Promote yourself

Written for;Blogging Insights — New Format # 29 — Spam, hosted by Tanya.



112 thoughts on “Spamming?

  1. Great post, Sadje. I feel very privileged to have learnt so much from fantastic bloggers over the years and gained wonderful friendships too. I think blogging has so much more to offer than just promoting yourself. KL ❤

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  2. I don’t put a lot of stock in the number oif followers WordPress says I have. The way I see it, the number of commenters I have and the number of people who leave “like”s I get are my audience. There might only be 100, maybe less, but they’re the ones I do this for.

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    1. That is true John if we look at it practically. I shudder to think of all the people who follow the blog really started to interact with us! We would have no time to answer their comments.

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  3. Spam is one of the reasons I don’t allow visual likes at my posts. In the beginning I thought I had to visit every like…
    But some of them were spammers just trying to hoodwink unsuspecting folks to see what they were selling. Many years ago I had to make a special page on another blog to tell this one ‘pyramid’ spammer to leave me alone along with those others who he had already recruited. Never left a comment (none of them) about a half dozen going to the same buy in scam. I blocked each and everyone of them. Eventually I had to shut down that blog.

    Worthy commentors get a visit back from me to their blog. I knew one blogger who felt so obligated to follow everyone that visited them that they never looked at their email associated with the blog because it was ‘overloaded’ with ‘Like’ nonsense. I can’t see haveing thousands of followers who don’t leave a comment. I state clearly on my about page that I only follow a limited number of blogs and if they want a return visit they need to leave a comment.
    My blog, my rules. It’s worked for me. I haven’t had spam (thankfully) in quite along time because I check it regullarly and delete all spam right away. If it is a repeat offender I block them.

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      1. Some – those who don’t like ‘my’ rules – don’t have to follow. But then if someone does follow who I don’t know or can’t find – I delete their follow. Some I’ve had to repeatedly delete.

        I just got a spam yesterday. Sometimes one particuar post gets spammed. So I go to that post which is usually several months old and put that post on private (to hopefully prevent repeated spammers.) I dislike the fake commenters who don’t even have a sight to visit. I don’t know what they expect to gain.

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  4. I agree with you on this, Sadje. Soamming doesn’t lead to any success, never so in any aspect of life. In blogging here, it’s even worse to self advertise. As you’ve said, our works and interactions should do the task. Amazing indeed!

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  5. Good post! I was brought up with strict manners, never to bring attention to myself–so I can’t imagine asking someone to follow my blog. When I open a new blog (like this one) I visit blogs of those who I had connections with previously, and let them know it’s “me”–but I always tell them there’s no obligation to read/like/follow me.

    When I get comments soliciting my attention to the author’s blog–they’ve already lost my interest. As you said, “write good content, express interest in others’ blogs”–it shows character and self-respect. There are a gazillion blogs, many of which are good–so we kind of have to “earn” our followers 🙂 I’m glad to be here, Sadje–blessings on your week! ❤

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    1. Thanks Zelda! You’ve absolutely the right attitude. The thing with being so many other blogs around the world is very pertinent. We can neither follow or read all the wonderful writers nor can we expect everyone to follow us. So it’s always a lucky coincidence that we hit on a blog that we like/love and that someone else chooses our blog to follow.

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      1. Yes, it’s truly a blessing when we make sincere, sometimes deep connections with people we’ll likely never meet in person. I met my best friend through blogs in 2011–we feel like sisters who’ve known and loved each other forever…and hope one day we’ll be able to run into each other’s arms ❤

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  6. I have never asked anyone to follow my blog … I occasionally post a link to a post that is relevant to a topic on either Twitter or another’s blog, but I don’t solicit readers. I think what’s even worse than requesting followers, though, is those who have monetized their blogs and ask for monetary donations! I stopped following one blog that I used to really like because the blogger pleaded for money in every post. And he didn’t need to … he had a good job! Anyway, even though you didn’t ask, I am now following your blog, though I warn you that I rarely have time to read many other blogs in a given day, but I will try!

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    1. Thanks Jill for the follow. Somehow ( some) people have this idea that they can make tons of money through blogging. Notion needs to be dispelled. Asking for money is not the thing to do.

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  7. One thing I love about WordPress is that not many people do the, “follow me I’ll follow back” sort of scheme (like Instagram 😒). I’m really glad I’ve found amazing blogs here and amazing people as well.

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    1. That is mostly true. When I started, I would follow who followed me. But later, much later I realized that we all have different preferences in reading content and it’s not necessary to follow everyone who follows me. Now I follow those who’s writing resonates with me.

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  8. Facts ! We can’t cheat ourselves but merely asking someone to promote our blog without us doing the work, doing the work will help but it’s more important if you actually put in and will feel happier that way.

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  9. I couldn’t agree more Sadje. As a Blogger it is all about patience and understanding that social following such as followers, likes and comments will come but not ASAP.

    People will follow because they want to not because they are forced to! Great tips👌👌😊

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  10. Exactly….. I am more likely to interactive with people via comments because they are somewhere working on their content. They know the value of blog inspiration what I get to work on myself. And such silly people come asking to follow their blog… I feel like blocking them 😠😠

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  11. This is encouraging for me. I just started a blog not to long ago and I was getting worried that no one is reading it and wasn’t quite sure how to gain audience without asking people to read but now I’ll just do my research on how to gain audience and keep doing what I do lol

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  12. I don’t understand the point of spamming for advertising, there’s 100s of “promotion” websites out there that you can promote on. Then again none of them actually work and they put a bunch of bots onto your followers list….

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