Blogging related questions and advice

Maggie has asked a few blogging related questions. Feel free to answer them on your blog.

1• Do you respond to every comment, even if it is just an emoji?

Yes, I do. Unless it is the third or fourth emoji. At that point, I just like the comment.

2• Are there styles, colors, or fonts that make reading a blog more difficult?

Since I read exclusively from my WP reader, the colors and fonts don’t affect me. In the reader, it all looks the same.

3• Under what circumstances would you block a user?

Obscenity, spamming, or asking me to follow them repeatedly, will result in my blocking that user. I also have blocked a few marketers and people who were rude to my readers.

4• Are there certain topics you refuse to engage with?

I don’t like to respond to topic like sex, or suggestive innuendo. And I don’t defend my opinions to those who find them unacceptable. I just close that discussion.

5• How do you feel about blogging awards?

At first, I used to be excited and flattered when I was nominated for a blogging award. But it gets tedious after a while especially the nomination process. I try to avoid the blogging awards nowadays.

6• How old is your current blog?

It’s my first and only blog and is about 41 months old. Older than a toddler and nearly a pre-schooler.

7• Do you respond to prompts?

I do post in response to prompts, questions, and challenges. In fact, I’ve been forced to give up a few of my regular prompts because of time constraints.

8• Do the number of your blog followers matter to you?

It’s good for the ego to see the number climbing. It has absolutely no effect on the views, comments, or the number of likes on my posts.

9• What motivates you to follow or unfollow a blog?

I unfollowed many blogs that were dormant or wouldn’t interact with me at all. I also unfollow a few blogs because their topics held no appeal for me. I follow someone who comments on my posts regularly and I find their content and topics to my taste.

10• What is your blogging pet peeve?

I don’t like when WordPress makes frequent changes. Also, I don’t like when it decides that I shouldn’t follow some blogs and makes the changes on its own. Then there are glitches with comments not being accepted or landing in spam.

My advice to new bloggers;

Write regularly on your blog, don’t take hiatus of weeks or months without informing your readers.

Build your community on the blogging world by commenting and interacting with your fellow bloggers.

Frequently update you “About me” page. If you’ve changed the direction of your blog, you might want to update it.

Thanks Maggie for posing these questions.



58 thoughts on “Blogging related questions and advice

  1. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on these questions, Sadje. Kindness and civility go a long way in the blogging community. I agree with so much of what you have said here.

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  2. I can’t remember when I started blogging…2010 maybe? I do respond to all comments, but not always to a response to my response. I have blocked two people. One, because I didn’t understand what he said most of the time. The other one because he insisted he knew me, that we were married at one time, and that I was a thief who spent time in jail!

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    1. Wow! That guy must have been a wacko! It is sometimes difficult to respond to all the responses. A like or emoji is my way of handling them. Thanks Patricia


    1. Thanks EA! Yes, that’s one point we often ignore. I take a look at my “about me” page often. It’s what most new followers would check out before they start following your blog.

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  3. I started blogging in 2011, and the awards were very fun–I made a big production of them…until they got to be too much work! So now, if I get nominated I’ll be posting a pretty “no awards, thanks!” image. Like you, I respond to comments–and usually the first emoji. In the past I did have to block some spammers–we have to be cautious in this crazy world 🙂 If community is why we blog, we do have to spend some time and energy interacting–I take it pretty seriously, unless I just need a couple days off to rest. 🙂 ❤

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