Page turner

When I started blogging, I started devoting more and more of my free time to this new passion of mine. It effected my reading quite drastically.

I was reading one or two books per week before this. I am a person who likes to stick to known and familiar when choosing books to read. I try new authors when recommended to me by those who’s taste in reading is similar to mine.

I have read a few books from the writers of our blogging community too. Paula, Chris, Linda, and Mason are among them. Michnavs has a few poetry books published as well. I really enjoy these books.

I really enjoy a page-turner. A book you have to finish no mater how late it’s getting because you have to know what happens next.

Reading is such an engrossing activity. It takes you out of yourself and you forget your worries for a while. Right now I’m re-reading Agatha Christie, the complete works. Dr. Tanya recommend it to me. And though I’ve read these books at least two times each, I seem to have forgotten most of the stories.

So as I have reduced my posts per day, I’m finding more time to read. Turning pages way past my regular bedtime.

Written for Stream of Consciousness Saturday ;“page.” Hosted by Linda



76 thoughts on “Page turner

  1. When the New Year started I unplugged from social media to read more because my reading was suffering because I spent way too much time on social media. I have since finished a 400 page book and I’m starting another one today.

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  2. Like you, I was an avid reader before blogging–and I too love a page-turner! I’m glad you mentioned Agatha–I have several of her books on my shelf, just waiting for me 🙂 Blessings to you! ❤

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  3. Agatha Christie’s books and the Sherlock Holmes series are always my favourite detective novels to read and reread again! And I agree with you Sadje. Reading is such an engrossing activity and it’s so easy to lose yourself in it and forget about reality.

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  4. I have to say that I adore this post! Reading is so very special to me. I make it a point to read no matter what. The previous year and year before I couldn’t read much owing several reasons but this year I am reading and reading as though my life depends upon it. I have read 5 books so far this year and I am super proud 😀

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