Making of a star


Cynthia held on to the feeling of grief for a few minutes more till it was reflected on her face. The eyes were swimming with unshed tears, and her face told the story of a tragedy.

Cut, and that’s a wrap” , the director yell, and she walked towards her trailer. She still bore the persona of a girl who was suffering from deep grief. It was a part of her talent and also a curse. She would immerse herself so fully in the character she was playing that it took her some time to snap out of it.

The assistant director knocked on the door of the trailer before coming in. “You were as usual excellent Cyn! The director wants to shoot the party scene today too as we would be traveling to Italy for the next shoot. Are you ready for it?”

She thought for a few minutes before replying to Martin, the assistant director. “ You know me, Martin. It’s not easy for me to switch moods so easily, it’s how I am. The party scene wants a happy girl, enjoying the celebrations with her man. Give me a day to get in the mood. It won’t do any good if I try to do it today”

Martin went away to tell the director what he already had told him before coming. They would wait another day before shooting that scene. He was sure the movie would be a big hit. Cynthia was not very well known yet, but he had a feeling that after this movie, she’ll be a star.



Written for Reena’s Xploration Challenge # 216, hosted by Reena



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