What I did….

The photo below was provided by fellow blogger Deb @ Nope, Not Pam. Thanks, Deb

(For the visually challenged writer, the photo shows a man walking on a paved path at a park holding a snake that is draped over his shoulders)

I didn’t think that what I did that night was going to have bad consequences for me until they sounded the alarm. The snake was not in its enclosure and I was the last person who had handled it.

The zookeeper called me into his office and I was told to go over the details of my last evening, step by step. As I was recounting my nightly routine, I suddenly realized that I had not locked up the glass doors. I was about to lock them, that much I remembered but then there was a distraction. John had called me over to the crocs pond and showed me how two of the crocodiles were wrestling with each other. It must be then, that I left the doors unlocked and now the snake was missing.

This was so bad and I could lose my job over it. And they wouldn’t give me a good reference either. Frantically I searched for the snake. It was not a poisonous one but still, a snake of that size could give anybody a scare.

Well, I did finally find it, hiding under the dense foliage of the nearby aviary. But I couldn’t save my job. And I didn’t ask for a reference because I knew what it was going to be.

One should not be distracted when on duty.

Written for Fandango’s FFFC # 154 and FSS # 31




41 thoughts on “What I did….

    1. Thanks a lot Suzette! I’ve made many mistakes when I am distracted. Like locking the car with keys in it…..
      I would never do it unless someone paid me a million dollars and it was harmless. 😜

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  1. Wow! They terminated employment. I think that could have been handled a little bit differently by the zoo. I mean, a final warning, a ‘we will give you one more chance, but if this ever happens again…’ But straight up, one chance….wild.

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  2. Great combination of the two prompts, Sadje. Yes, getting distracted on the job can lead to getting canned. But shouldn’t they have cut him some slack? After all, he did find the missing snake.

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