Time for some changes

For the month of January, I did the JusJoJan challenge which meant writing one post for this challenge daily. It also meant that I had to drop a few of my favorite prompts because I wanted to keep my daily post to three.

Having done just two other posts daily ( excluding JusJoJan) has made me realize that posting three times a day is a bit too much. So from today, I’m going to (try to) limit my posts to just two! There will be exceptions because there are some prompts that I just can’t let go of. But this is the plan for this month.

I also realize that by posting three times a day, I put a strain on my readers who very kindly read my posts. This may lighten their load.

So guys wish me luck in my new plan. As usual, thanks for visiting and reading!



101 thoughts on “Time for some changes

  1. All the best, Sadje. I have to admit honestly that despite my best efforts I am unable to read all your posts. I too have cut down my posts from daily to 3-4times a week.
    But let me also admit that we write for ourselves, so if a person misses out on our posts, it is her/his bad luck. 😅

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  2. I think that’s a sound move Sadje, … we can overload overload ourselves without even realising what we have done …. I try to do only one post a day, which is more than enough for me these days… now that I am into my 70’s ..

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  3. Pressurising oneself is not a good idea, even if you have nothing to do.
    I was a victim last year and this entire January posting 3 articles per day.
    Similar to you I participate in blog challenges but pertaining to photography.
    I tell you the truth. It’s exhasting.
    Sometimes I feel it’s not worth the effort since nobody cares whether one is alive or dead.
    We all claim that we do blog for ourselves.
    It’s utter lie!
    We love to be appreciated by others.
    No doubt we all do come across genuine friends in blogosphere, but the count is less than minimal.
    Don’t waste time unless you are terribly bored.
    Just one post per day….that too if you can afford is more than sufficient.
    This is my personal opinion.
    I request to ignore my rant.
    Thank you my friend

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    1. No worries my friend, you are mostly right that one shouldn’t strain one’s resources to post more. I think less is more so that each post can be given time to be viewed and read. And yes, we don’t post solely for ourselves, we want our writing to be read and appreciated. Thanks

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  4. It’s hard to resist all the fun challenges. I’ve cut out a lot of them, but still some days/months are more full than others for me. This month especially will be as two coincide with each other, plus my regular posts. I could do them every other day .. hmmm, just thought of that. Anyway, you do what feels right for you, and I’ll be around to read what you post! 🙂

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  5. You’ll do fine–I’m certain of it! I may have to slow down too at some point–for now I post as many as 5-6 in a day because I know my audience is pretty varied…but I don’t expect anyone to read everything. Blessings💖

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  6. It’s very difficult to maintain your blogging, I schedule in advance, but I’ve had to cut back on reading all the posts I follow. It was taking hours and stressing me out

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      1. I haven’t unfollowed, I just read a few posts by each blogger. A lot of the bloggers I follow have a limited audience and I like to let them know that someone’s hearing them and appreciating their efforts

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  7. Sometimes we need to take a little break from routine. I try to read everything that is written by those I follow but sometimes it is too much. There is more to life than computers. Do what feels best for you. You can always readjust your plan.

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  8. We need to do what works best for us. What ever you plan, and however you ‘stray’ – stay happy and sane.
    I generally write at least one post a day, but have been known to write more. At the moment I’m a bit behind on visits because I’m working on those baby blankets. I’m only about 1/3 done on each. Since it is crochet and I am using the same needle for both… I’m alternating blankets so when I’m done – they’ll bothe be done at more or less the same time!

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      1. I might not be… but I think they’ll have plenty of what they will need. I had already gone through my ‘attic collection’ of baby things and ‘Mommy and Daddy’ already have ‘that’. Some blankets, baby gowns and even some toys! 😀

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  9. Like I love to repeat,, “Change is the only constant “.
    With personal or hobby blogging it is important that you enjoy it.
    If by posting less you will enjoy your blogging experience more then it is a good Change.
    Good luck with all your endeavours.

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