The scribe is recording everything

There is someone who records everything, all that goes on in our lives. Diligently, conscientiously each and every detail captured to be repeated later.

Who is this scribe you wonder, someone observing us, a spy perhaps or maybe a well-wisher of ours?

Well, you wouldn’t believe it but it’s our own brain, the sub-conscious brain which captures all the details of which we sometimes are oblivious. And when we least expect it, those long-forgotten details, those elusive memories make their way into our consciousness and we wonder….from where did it all pop up?

It is rumored that if we try we can harness the power of our sub-conscious brain!



Written for Girlie on the edge’s blog’s Six Sentence Story



43 thoughts on “The scribe is recording everything

  1. The brain is indeed a unique organ. I’ve read articles about how the brain copes when one lobe or the other has been damaged. As well as some who have been hit on the head and wake speaking another language.

    I’ve also watched some shows where folks appear to be mentalists, but they really just have very excellent recall. And then there are others who actually do remember every detail. Photographic memories. Some can recall sounds. So I suppose one just has to practice… 😉

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    1. Alexa and Siri may be recording some of what we do, but can’t record what we think! Brain is awesome as it picks ups things we aren’t even conscious of.


  2. so the fact that I can lose my car keys (while still in the car) but can remember the lyrics to the theme song to ‘Gilligan’s Island’… the subconscious is responsible?
    makes sense to me (lol ayiiee)

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  3. Great take on the prompt, Sadje. The problem I wrestle with is whether that mountain of stored information in or brains is what actually happened on any particular occasion or simply a convenient construct. I think we’ve all had that experience of reminiscing with friends and finding that their recall of events is very different from your own. Just something to keep you awake at night. 🙂

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    1. That is how our brain works. It sorts the information according to how it feels we use it or need it. Memories are different. We color them with emotions. Everyone has a different recall of what happened and how.


  4. Quick, where’d I leave that harness! lol
    Marvelous take on the prompt word, Sadje. And how coincidental as only yesterday I had an experience at work I have dubbed an “epiphany” but tracks along with the idea of the subconscious holding back on us sometimes.

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