Sunday Poser # 65

Welcome back to another Sunday Poser

My question this week is;

How influenced are you by advertising?

As time has passed and I have become wiser ( hopefully) I don’t pay much attention to ads. But even now there are certain adverts that when seen at a vulnerable time can make me open the online store and try to buy that thing!

When I was younger, telemarketing always fascinated me. I still have many useless things bought by watching an advertisement. Though some things are useful like the special vitamin preparation for the vision (Preser-Vision) that I got which my optician later recommended for my age-related macular degeneration. But the rest is just a constant source of irritation.

What are your views about the advertisements constantly shown on tv or splashed across the websites we visit, including Facebook, etc?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section or you can write your own post and link it to this post so that I can find it.

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76 thoughts on “Sunday Poser # 65

  1. I like some of the ads FB shows me. I bought a shirt for my son in law through an ad and it worked out great. I also bought a cake pan via an ad on FB, but it wasn’t so great. Mostly I will only buy stuff from ads that I would buy anyway or if an item is a bit indulgent I’ll put it on my wishlist and think about it. I’m never tempted by anything crazy…

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  2. When I’m streaming series’ or movies and there are ads, I turn the volume down. On YouTube, I let them run, waiting anxiously for my content. I absolutely despise how much advertising (SPAM!!) infiltrates our daily lives. So I would probably say that I’m not a fan. lol Now, I will say if I happen to see something that is interesting or catches my eye, I will investigate further, but usually it’s only because I may have a need for it.

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  3. Just like unpleasant or unseemly commenting… I’ve developed a skill to ignore most of them. I give them all a chance (as I also do with comments) but once they insult my better judgement and/or intelligence, I move on.

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  4. I do not have normal T.V. but subscribe to, I like to watch Perry Mason and Monk, lol! My point is, I notice the ads they run are entertaining, so entertaining I can’t figure out what they are selling. i.e. (a product Zocdoc) I love their dancing on that one. I also notice many of the actresses in the ads, especially the women are chubby and plain-looking, it was not so long ago they had to be perfect people, not so anymore, perhaps I could get a job seems I might be just what they are looking for.

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  5. I too when I was young fell for the advertiser’s hook, particularly in skillfully presented (it seemed), late night “infomercials.”
    Hopefully wiser, I watch the ads now as bits of “entertainment.” I find myself thanking the ad for “talking” me out of wanting whatever it is they have on “offer “😊
    Love this question! Thank you Sadje.

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  6. I have reduced app numbers to 2-3, blocked notifications in settings and started using system apps.

    Every app has an inbuilt setting that is easy to use. Or google your specific problems/issues. 😁

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  7. I don’t watch regular tv and stream without commercials which has now turned me off on them completely. Occasionally a program comes in I want to watch in a free week preview w commercials and I watch it but rare.

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  8. Ahh, this is a great topic. I was once more influenced by ads, as I watched more regular television. With the advent of streaming, you can completely cut ads out of your viewing, which is so nice. Therefore, I am not affected much by advertising today. Though, in this country, in particular, advertising is big business and does have an impact on how people shop, and even how they think about themselves. Can be very damaging. Great question, Sadje.

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    1. Thanks Jeff for sharing your thoughts! Streaming is good way to avoid ads. And you’re right that they are big business everywhere. Most ads are so irritating that they drive people away.

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  9. If you mean influenced to buy a product, I’m not influenced at all. Except for the rare entertaining ad, I either fast-forward through them or hit Mute 🙂

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  10. Ads don’t bother me too much except when I’m on the computer and the ad jumps in the middle of the screen. Sometimes it takes a bit of time to get rid of it. Really irritating when you have to go to the actual site to get rid of it. Happily, Netflix doesn’t have ads popping up.

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  11. Even when I was in college… I knew of subliminal advertising so I constantly watch out for ‘false ads’ – I rarely by anything on line myself. Unless I have a need for it – like a replacement camera for the one I broke.

    I place most ads in the category of entertainment. Though I truly dislike political and medical ads. It is one thing if a product is backed up by your own doctor. But many of the medical adds are intimidating and claim if you don’t get this product you will continue to suffer.

    Buyer Beware!!! 😀

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    1. That is my impression of advertisements in the US. They are mostly inaccurate and misleading. I was amazed by the law firms encouraging people to sue others or plastic surgeons offering payment plans for unnecessary surgeries.

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  12. I think advertising is a form of brain washing isn’t it??? Ha! I can think of a slogan from over 40 years ago and most people can complete the slogan – “I’d walk a mile for a ______!”
    It was a cigarette commercial – A Camel. Ha.

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  13. I think that I used to want a lot of the things when I was younger. I would see things that appealed to me, and that’s what would go on my lists for birthdays and Christmas until I realized that targeting was happening in advertisements. Most say that a good product sells itself, and as I got older, I believe that to be true as well. It’s kind of like the fast food commercials where the food looks so good, and then you go and grab it from your local food joint. When you get it home it looks like someone stomped on it lol. Younger E.M. was very naïve, but this version of me is more conscious to their shenanigans 🙂

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  14. I think as I was growing up I was influenced more by commercials, not so much anymore. I do get swayed towards movies I would go see… well before covid when a crowded theater wasn’t frightening.

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