How I made my life easy in last 2 years

This Tuesday, Tanya asks us to list; 5 “Skills” You Have “Lost” In The Pandemic for 5 Things

Pandemic, while has imposed many hardships on us, has also made certain things easier for us too.

1• No need to buy makeup, or use it but rarely;

Before the pandemic disrupted our lives, I was always ready to buy new makeup products. I liked to put on light makeup while going out of my home, even shopping. But now, I seldom buy or use makeup. I have a feeling that all my lipsticks are way past their use-by date and should be tossed.

2• Fewer clothes, fewer hassles of going to the tailor;

The clothes I wear in Pakistan are usually stitched to size by a tailor for me. Since I don’t go out socially anymore, there is no need to get many clothes made. So I’ve saved money, time and hassle since Covid started.

3• Buying fewer things, for home or for personal use;

I have admitted to being a person who liked to shop. For my home or myself! I’d buy things at the slightest excuse before pandemic struck. Now there is absolutely no need to go on shopping sprees.

4• Saved money on entertaining guest and got myself a new laptop

There is virtually no entertaining of guests at home. No parties or dinners for extended family or friends. I’ve saved enough money in the last two years to buy a new laptop for myself.

5• Learned to use Zoom, Google meets and other such apps to connect with friends all over the world;

Since Covid, I have been in touch with so many old friends from school and college. With apps like Zoom and Google meets, I connected with friends from all over the world. It was a definite plus as I saw friends I hadn’t seen for the last 35-40 years or even more.

I know the prompt was to list 5 things we have lost since Covid but I like to look at the positive side too so here’s my own spin on the prompt.



47 thoughts on “How I made my life easy in last 2 years

  1. I LOVE your list! Very impressive 🙂 I stopped using makeup even before pandemic–too much trouble! And I dress strictly for comfort–T-shirts, loose pants 🙂 I’ll admit I’ve done more shopping last year… Blessings to you, Sadje! ❤

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  2. Great list! No need to wear make up here in Singapore because we all have to wear masks except when eating or doing strenuous activities. Besides, in my view, a good moisturiser and SPH are the essentials anyway and just a good drug store brand can do the job. Very happy to read about choosing fewer clothes. I’m doing the same too!

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