Wear and tear

With time, all things wear out.

Usage and age are a guarantee that slowly anything would deteriorate and lose its ability to perform its function properly.

Human beings are among the living things that last a long time but our bodies also start showing signs of wear and tear as we age.

Compare a human body to say a car and we can outlast perhaps two or three lifetimes of a car.

And while we can slow down this deterioration by keeping active, eating healthy, and looking after ourselves, age ultimately catches up with us.

It’s best to accept our limitations with grace and modify our lifestyle to adapt to our changing bodies.


Written for Six Sentences Story, hosted by Girle on the edge’s blog.




54 thoughts on “Wear and tear

  1. the human memory is such an amazing thing…after reading your Six, and beginning to formulate a Comment, one beyond the accurate-but-too-brief, “Good Six” something I read in the National (or maybe it was still the Harvard) Lampoon about aging popped in my mind, “As we get older, everything gets bigger, hairier and closer to the ground.”
    Man! Even at this stage in life, I wish I was that good a writer.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It sure is amazing, we recall the most obscure and forgotten titbit when we least expect it. Thanks for your comment. From your comment I can see that you’re a witty writer.


    1. Thanks a lot UP! I feel that we expect faithful service from our body forever. We must remember that if it were made of metal, it would have been thrown in junk years ago.


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