January 26th, 2022- Paying attention?

Ever been in this position?

It takes patience to listen…. It takes skill to pretend you’re listening!”

Written for Linda’s One Liner Wednesday and JusJoJan




45 thoughts on “January 26th, 2022- Paying attention?

  1. At one time, I had a bad habit of letting my mind wander while having a conversation. Then the other person would ask me a question about what he/she was talking about and I wouldn’t know how to answer. Embarrassing! I no longer do that…

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      1. We are trained to listen. Experience teaches us to differentiate between what is important and what can be discarded. But we have to listen to everything extremely patiently and with full attention. Giving adequate time.

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        1. Exactly Shashi. You can ignore the details about the last night’s dinner but have to be attentive to the list of symptoms. I was a med student before I got married in my 4th year of med school. So I’ve a little idea.

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          1. 👍. But what you have posted is definitely applicable to those social gatherings and social functions where a lot is said but not meant. And sometimes people keep on rambling and one gets easily bored. One loses focus. And just act like they are listening.

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