January 25th, 2022- Journal

Keeping a journal/diary was something I always aspired to, but never did. It seemed a wonderful idea to record my thoughts and musings in there every day but, being a lazy person by nature, I didn’t.

I do remember once I did have a diary where I wrote some Urdu poems. I had to protect it from my brothers so that they shouldn’t read it. You know how siblings are, especially brothers when they get hold of something you don’t want them to!

And my laziness finally overcame my desire to write and I think I lost that diary some where. I have read accounts of people where they have shared their journal entries from the time they were young. What wonderful memories to share. But perhaps mine would not have been so entertaining.

Written for Linda’s JusJoJan

Today’s word; Journal is given to us by Scarlet



18 thoughts on “January 25th, 2022- Journal

  1. I think they would have been entertaining. I didn’t keep one as a child or youth, yet have done much journaling as an adult. Now, much of my feelings and creativity goes into my work and writing. Great share, Sadje.

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  2. I had a diary, given as a birthday present back when I was in 5th grade. My mom read it and found out who my crush was 😂.

    I wanted to start journaling later on but never got to it. I ended up blogging which I’m happy with. I might start journaling to try and improve my still bad handwriting 😂

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  3. I have kept journals at times. Not a daily thing but thoughts about life now and then. Some I kept, but most I have thrown away. I started one this year with just five or six lines a day.

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  4. My introduction to journaling actually began at school when in 7th or 8th grade an English teacher had us keep a journal. He never read them or graded them, just gave us time in class to write whatever came to mind. I did keep journals of a sort when I was dealing with a lot of stress about 12 years ago, but I have looked at them now and can hardly read them… I was so very stressed and wrote fast and sloppy just trying to keep up with the thoughts and feelings pouring out.

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