Last share of my world for January 2022

Our gracious hostes Melanie has posed these questions for this week.

Questions From Fabulous Bloggers

12-17-2021 Cyranny “What’s the worst day of the week for you?” Why?

I like all week days. I don’t work but I like Mondays because everyone else goes to work and I have the house to myself. Only stressful days are the the day before I have to travel. I don’t like packing and I don’t sleep well the night before traveling.

1-3-2022 Mrs. A (Jazzocracy) Mrs A proposes a question for a future SYW. “Would you ever consider posing naked or semi-naked for the camera or a live audience (acting in a play)?”

Nope, never.

1-10-2022 Di With the recent energy crisis here in the UK, would you prefer electric, gas, oil or some other means of heating your home?

I prefer electricity for heating as we are running short on natural gas. But for electricity, solar electricity is the best option. Perhaps we will get it installed one day, the solar panels and their storage batteries.

1-10-2022 Marilyn When this pops up later tonight, I MIGHT have thought of a few questions. Like: In your household, who takes care of the bills, taxes, and other financial stuff? Is one person responsible or is it a shared chore? And this has made me notice that my phone is missing. Oops.

In my own home, my husband does all the online payments. If any bill has to paid at a bank he does that too. In my daughter’s home where I live, I do the online payments and she pays the money. My husband takes care of mine and his own taxes. My son helps because he is a chartered accountant.

1-10-2022 Yinglan Not sure if this question was asked before. It’s a bit of a silly one: If you can have any one job (real or fiction) in the galaxy (yes, the galaxy, I’m widening the search radius, imagining relocation to other planets possible), what is that job?

Making people form queues. I’m sick of people not forming lines when waiting for anything, be it getting food, checking out or in a bank. I’m talking about my country. So used to it I am that I think I can tell everyone to “please form a queue and wait your turn”. I’m presuming that I will also have the authority to make they comply too.

GRATITUDE SECTION  (as always optional)

Who are you grateful for?

Last Monday, I got the disturbing news that my younger daughter had tested positive for Covid. She had a mild case of the virus and thankfully her 2.7 yo daughter and husband tested negative. And so did my husband who also has contact with her. Today she is out of isolation and has recovered fully. She was fully vaccinated but hadn’t had her booster yet.

I have come to Lahore to be with her. It was so good to see her out and about. 😍

Real flowers
Artificial flowers



52 thoughts on “Last share of my world for January 2022

  1. Nice that you have distributed the financial stuff so well. Around here, it’s me and me and me and I keep wishing Garry would try, but he has a paranoid fear of number — although he can figure the amounts any sports figure gets per year, including bonuses in his head.

    Maybe the problem is motivation?

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    1. Thanks Gary. We all are happy and grateful to God. The most difficult thing was for her was to be separated from her daughter. It was so touching to see them meet one another after 8 days.


  2. Thank you Sadje for Sharing Your World! I’m very happy for your family that your daughter has recovered! That is a blessing! If it helps to know, people the whole world over are much ruder than they used to be prior to Covid. People try to cut lines over here too, except I think there are more opinionated old folks who tell them to behave. The old people are usually ignored. The photos are gorgeous and give me a bit of hope that this cold blustery weather over here won’t last. How lovely! Take care of yourself, be safe and have a great week! 🤗

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    1. Thank you so much for your generous wishes and kind words Melanie. We are happy that her isolation is over and she can finally be with her daughter and us all.


  3. Hubby and I share financial responsibilities. I handle the paying of bills and he works the stock market. We have a CPA do our taxes. I am glad your daughter is recovering quickly. The flower arrangements are lovely!

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