Is blogging out of fashion now?

Dr. Tanya has asked our opinion on this statement;



I like blogging! And I don’t believe it’s going to go out of fashion, at least for now.

Before the pandemic started, I too had heard these rumors that blogging is a thing that’s quickly going out of fashion. People were advising bloggers to start video blogs, also known as Vlogs! Even WordPress was enticing us to start a vlog instead of writing a blog post.

I personally am not attracted to YouTube videos or vlogs. Reading is quicker and the meaning is all there in black and white to glean, and absorb. In a video I can miss a vital detail if I am distracted for a few minutes.

Blogging gives me the freedom of expressing myself in whatever way I want. A poem, an essay or an informative article. I also have the freedom to post as many times as I like or not at all.

In my personal opinion, blogging is here to stay. After all, there are millions and millions of bloggers and many more who read these blogs. In fact according to a recent post I’ve read, more blogging platforms are being created to make blogging easier for people. Top 3 blogging platforms nowadays are;




Anyway, I plan to blog till I am able to and till I have ideas to write about!

What about you? What are your future plans regarding blogging?

Written for Blogging Indights NF # 27, hosted by Tanya



98 thoughts on “Is blogging out of fashion now?

  1. I don’t know. Lots of writers who once blogged have faded away, and so many of the new ones seem to be here only to monetize, not because they love writing. But at least for now there seems to be enough to keep it going…

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    1. I think we can say what we feel. What others do is their choice. But I see new blogs and bloggers everyday and that sorts of make me think that blogging is very much alive and kicking.

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  2. I don’t think it’s going out of fashion either. I mostly blog poetry but I have more in mind regarding my blog, I am thinking of starting writing about music cuz I really love listening to it. Maybe movies and books too, we’ll see..

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  3. 🤔 Sadje, I have dealt with this exact topic in a past blog post.

    Anyway, in spite of vlogging and podcasting being trendy, there will always be people in society who prefer to view articles, poetry, photographs, etcetera.

    As a matter of fact, there are vloggers and podcasters who use blogging to highlight their work.

    So, my friend, I do not think that blogging is out of fashion.

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  4. As a writer and reader I want words in front of my eyes, not pictures. I want to form my own pictures in my mind, not have them preformed for me. I believe all writers and lovers of the written word feel this way. Blogging is just a term for writing on-line. There will always be writing, no matter what new terminology or technology comes along.

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  5. Seems kind of a silly question. (Don’t mean it shouldn’t be of interest to ask because it is an interesting question).
    It’s like asking … Has eating gone out of style? Has cooking gone out of style? and the like.

    I tried to find the definition/purpose of a ‘blog’. You could have fooled me. I must be doing it all wrong. We all just do it differently. I once made another blog and thought I could change my style. No, couldn’t disguise myself. Same old me. 😉

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  6. One *big* advantage blogging has over vlogs or podcasts is that of time. I can read way faster and can read much more than I can watch and listen to. I don’t see that changing for blogging. I love blogging and sharing who I am through stories, poems, pictures, and music. I also like the blogging community where we can really get to know each other over time through our blogs.

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    1. I’m a newbie! It’s so great exploring others’ blogs and seeing how many people out there are dedicated to not only sharing their own minds, but also supporting others who do the same. Obviously, because I’m late to the game, it’s nice to hear that blogging seems to still be an “in” thing to do.

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  7. The confusion will continue. Search engines pick up long-form blogs 1000-2000 words long, but nobody wants to read those to the end. Podcasts are being touted as the next big thing, as people listen on the go. A renewed version of radio…. but does that mean I need to intersperse speech with songs?

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  8. Personally, I prefer blogging over vlogging as well. At least with blogging I have time to stop & think about what to write before continuing on. Plus, if I get interrupted I can stop and then pick it back up again later. Not as easy to do either of those with vlogging. I can also skim a blog (when reading) a lot quicker than I can watch a video-log

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  9. I may not be as punctual as I used to be with my daily prompts, but I am still determined to write as close to daily as I can. It is good therapy for me. Writing will never go out of style I think.

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  10. I don’t believe blogging will ever go away. Too many enjoy and honestly if there is no blogging the what us that seo Google search engine gonna do.

    Yes video and podcast are in for multitasking. I love them and I do miss stuff and have to hear again.

    I love blogs , YouTube and podcasts. I think they all work. Blogging is alive and will be.

    I believe

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  11. I have worried about this, I have recently started my blog! I enjoy watching vlogs but I don’t feel like I want to do that yet with my message, so it’s blogging for me. I love reading, a blog and a cup of tea…bliss! x

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