Sunday Poser # 64

Welcome back to another Sunday Poser

This week my question is;

What are some of the things that people do that make you feel uncomfortable?

If we talk about the situation nowadays, mask less people make me very uncomfortable. People who have no idea what personal space is are also in this category.

People who have loud arguments in public places make me specially uncomfortable and embarrassed. I have realized that I have a long list of things that people do which make feel uncomfortable. So I will stop right here and wait for your feed back.

What things make you uncomfortable that people do in public?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section or you can write your own post and link it to this post.

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50 thoughts on “Sunday Poser # 64

  1. A big one for me is public arguing, just as you say. I grew up traumatized from my parents’ constant fighting and feeling I had to “fix” it. I especially can’t stand it when couples snipe at each other. It’s not cute or funny to “share” that with a group. I also hate it when people (usually) men start ranting about politics and get all loud and angry. Huge trigger!

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  2. Thinking about it, I feel uncomfortable; really uncomfortable when people take God’s name in vain, or people who think it makes them look good to use the F word, which to me it makes them look like losers.

    Normally nothing else makes me feel uncomfortable.
    BTW …sorry to say, but I never wear a mask and no one tells me to put one on unless I am going to the doctor, but I seldom ever go to the doctor. I will say about half the people in my area only wear masks and every time I go to the store more and more people are maskless. I don’t wear a mask, not to be rebellious but I believe they are very unhealthy, plus I refuse to live in fear, which I believe the evil people in this world want us to Iive in fear. Phooey on them, they don’t make me feel uncomfortable either I just pity them.

    People that are vaxxed are getting covid just as fast or even more so than the unvaxxed anyway, you might as well just accept it, and get the natural immunity.

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  3. I hate DJs. They keep playing annoying silly and annoying songs with loud bass without caring about the people of the locality.

    I’m a student doing online classes, if you create noise how I’ll focus or listen to my professor?

    Nowadays these DJs are advanced with technology. And I don’t know why everything keeps vibrating when you play DJs.

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    1. That must be very annoying Lokesh. My grandson has online school and we try not to disturb him at all. People should be considerate of others around them.


  4. Two big things that make me uncomfortable (besides not wearing masks and invading my personal space) that people do are: 1) monopolizing a conversation, where they seem to love the sound of their own voice; and 2) people who won’t stop talking when you want to leave, holding you hostage. I used to get both of these a lot in my old job, where someone would come to my cubicle and simply refuse to leave. Used to drive me nuts!

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  5. People tend to make me uncomfortable if they are overly friendly and my “best friend” right away, especially when I don’t feel that way about them. Individually, they don’t really make me uncomfortable but I usually don’t fare well with large crowds, just too much energy all around me. Those who are acting violently or bizarrely would make me hesitant too.

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    1. Good point Susi. Being too chummy can be a façade and there may be an ulterior motive behind it. Crowds and crowd mentality are uncomfortable for many. Thanks for sharing your thoughts

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  6. People that get angry, and are unaware of their anger, so that it spills outside and into conversations. I am highly sensitive to all emotions, and when people are angry, it makes me uncomfortable. I can, and do, when needed, hold the space with them, yet, if they are unresponsive to coaching from me, they will probs move on.

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  7. Your response is funny, and I completely agree if you try and think of what you find annoying the list could almost be almost endless. Someone talks for example at work or in a public space and with covid nowadays your half listening whilst thinking why do they not back up a few steps (especially when your in situations you are the one unable to move). The problem is you do not want to be rude or impolite (as you say never good to have public arguements or make them uncomfortable either) and so you do not say to them to back off just a little. If your in situation you can move around, discretely backing up a bit yourself without trying to make it obvious your doing so. So yes personal space and masks a big one, although for me I believe this isnt just a consequence of covid. I do know instances however where there have been people who will just say to others, especially when walking into a shop as covid rules change as the whole store staresat them without a mask on. So is it better to just try and politely say to the person what they are doing is making you or others uncomfortable? I would say yes, but that would also depend if I know how reactive the person can be.

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    1. I agree Eli that the list can be endless. I do tell people to back up when they encroach in my space, politely. In today’s world, I think too be safe, one has to learn to be more direct. Thanks for commenting


  8. I think the way to look at it is this, how often do you see them and is it a regular instance? If I had dropped some food on my top would I want someone to discretely and politely say so that I am not embarrassed I have gone all day for multiple people to see? Is that person just a random person in a shop where you have a spare mask that you can approach and say unfortunately rules changed here is one not used for you? Even if rules not in force are you with someone else that if you started a conversation on masks and your need to have one on highlight it to others around you without addressing it personally Or?Or as my sibling does if you know them well provide little cues like touching an area of her face consistently. So consistently that you start thinking why and touch yours. This i find especially useful if out in a public setting. Body language in itself may assist with little nuances that can prevent those annoying or more embarrassing scenarios.

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    1. Oh yes, we also do that. If there’s food on someone’s face or top, a slight gesture to let them know. And if there is a wardrobe malfunction, I’d rather some stranger point it out to me rather than me going around without knowing.


  9. Besides the maskless, I find those who argue in public annoying. Having worked as a cashier though, those more concerned with a phone call than what they are doing or what they should be doing… it is just rude to ignore others like that. Good poser Sadje.

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